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21888CephFeatureNewNormalAdding [--repair] option for cephfs-journal-tool make it can recover all journal as much as possible.Jos Collin10/22/2017 09:19 AMcephfsCeph - v13.0.0
21886CephBugNewNormalLumonous dashboard: assertion failed after clicking on OSD details10/21/2017 12:13 PM
21885CephBugNewNormalLuminous: "ceph osd df" generates traceback10/21/2017 12:10 PM
21884fsBugNewHighclient: populate fs id in statfs outputJeff Layton10/21/2017 04:05 AMIntrospection/Control
21883RADOSBugVerifiedHighmsg/async/ 1835: FAILED assert(state == STATE_CLOSED)10/21/2017 04:03 AM
21882CephBugPending BackportImmediatesome kernels don't understand crush compat weight-set10/21/2017 05:43 PM
21881sepiaBugNewHighmira060 sdc needs replacement10/21/2017 02:00 AM
21880RADOSBugNeed ReviewHighObjectStore/StoreTest.Synthetic/1 (filestore) fails with fiemap enabledSage Weil10/21/2017 02:49 AM
21879CephBugNewNormalCalling ceph-disk with zap-disk and dmcrypt fails10/20/2017 04:46 PM
21878RADOSBugNeed ReviewUrgentbluefs: os/bluestore/ 1505: FAILED assert(h->file->fnode.ino != 1)Sage Weil10/20/2017 01:51 PMCorrectness/Safety
21877fsFeatureNeed ReviewNormalquota and snaprealm integation10/20/2017 10:08 AM
21876CephBugNewNormalCommand failed qa/standalone/scrub/osd-recovery-scrub.sh10/21/2017 02:31 PMOSD
21875mgrBackportNewNormalluminous: ceph-mgr spuriously reloading OSD metadata on map changes10/20/2017 09:30 AM
21874fsBackportNewNormalluminous: qa: libcephfs_interface_tests: shutdown race failures10/20/2017 09:30 AM
21873rgwBackportNewNormaljewel: failed CompleteMultipartUpload request does not release lock10/20/2017 09:30 AM
21872RADOSBackportNewNormaljewel: ObjectStore/StoreTest.FiemapHoles/3 fails with kstore10/20/2017 09:29 AM
21871RADOSBackportNewNormalluminous: ObjectStore/StoreTest.FiemapHoles/3 fails with kstore10/20/2017 09:29 AM
21870fsBackportNewNormalluminous: Assertion in EImportStart::replay should be a damaged()10/20/2017 09:29 AM
21869CephBackportNewNormalluminous: Add ceph-monstore-tool in ceph-mon package, ceph-kvstore-tool in ceph-mon and ceph-osd, and ceph-osdomap-tool in ceph-osd package.10/20/2017 09:29 AM
21868rbdBackportNewNormalluminous: [iscsi] documentation tweaks10/20/2017 09:29 AM
21867rbdBackportNewNormaljewel: [object map] removing a large image (~100TB) with an object map may result in loss of OSD10/20/2017 09:29 AM
21866CephBackportNewNormaljewel: rbd: rbd crashes during map10/20/2017 09:29 AM
21865CephBackportNewNormalluminous: rbd: rbd crashes during map10/20/2017 09:29 AM
21864CephBackportNewNormaljewel: ceph-conf: dump parsed config in plain text or as json10/20/2017 09:29 AM
21863CephBackportNewNormalluminous: ceph-conf: dump parsed config in plain text or as json10/20/2017 09:29 AM
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