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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
15843CalamariBugNewHighceph calamari issue08/29/2016 07:37 AM
14440CalamariBugNeed ReviewHighCalamari Rest API: "api/v2/cluster/<fsid>/cli " throws 503 server errorBoris Ranto11/04/2016 12:10 AM
14437CalamariSupportNewImmediatedashboard widgets IOPs and Usage are blank09/15/2016 04:25 PMBackend (graphite/diamond)Calamari - 1.3.1
14396CalamariBugNewHighCalamari dashboard :: can't connect to the cluster09/16/2016 09:16 PM
14179CalamariBugNewNormalError 500 :: Internal server error ::: ubuntu 14.04 Trusty02/05/2016 02:55 PM
14017CalamariBugNewNormalupdate pg_num of pool will return 500error,12/10/2015 06:57 PM
13747CalamariFeatureIn ProgressNormalAdd rbd and radosgw-admin support to /cli Post targetPhilip Carinhas01/27/2016 10:05 PMBackend (REST API)
13651CalamariBugNewHighcthulhu: When i change a host's hostname, calamari can not update its server_state.hostname.10/30/2015 02:38 AM
13650CalamariBugNewNormalDiamond: when pull out the disk first, then insert the disk in a few minutes later, the disk's iops will be extremly high, higher than 10 minillion.10/30/2015 02:30 AM
13649CalamariBugNewHighDiamond: One of my OSD has no performance data because diamond can not deal with the situation of a disk mounted to 2 folder which caused by an unsuccssful unmount operation occasionally10/30/2015 02:18 AM
13648CalamariBugNewHighrest-api: api/v1/space returned a history value, not the latest value in the whisper file10/30/2015 02:00 AM
13609CalamariFeatureNewNormalCeph support Plan tasks or Timing task Function11/02/2015 03:40 AM
13029CalamariBugNewNormalcalamari stats broken on infernalis09/10/2015 06:27 PM
12686CalamariFeatureNewHighInclude all Addition and Removal of Cluster objects in events09/01/2015 03:35 PM
12561CalamariFeatureNewNormalInclude more health info in /mon targets.07/31/2015 10:48 PM
12560CalamariBugNewNormalRGW type in /server endpoint shows ambiguous "client" string07/31/2015 10:25 PMBackend (REST API)
12522CalamariFeatureNewNormalAdd RGW data to endpoints07/29/2015 09:49 PMBackend (REST API)Calamari - 1.4 backlog
12521CalamariSupportNewNormalAdd Time Filtering to the events target.07/29/2015 09:49 PMBackend (REST API)
12416CalamariBugNewNormalThe cthulhu should have the thead clear the database and log.07/29/2015 01:22 AM
12375CalamariBugNewHighcalamari_common salt_wrapper sucks for diagnosability07/18/2015 12:50 AMBackend (services)
12292CalamariBugNewNormalCentOS: Calamari UI uses lsb_distrib_description but salt is sending lsb_distrib_id07/15/2015 09:46 PM
12270CalamariBugNewNormalHost info pop-up window is empty in Calamari UI07/21/2015 05:06 PMUI
12127CalamariBugNewNormalcalamari virtualenv aplies SWIG flag cerrosaswarn too broadly06/23/2015 09:29 PMBackend (packaging/deployment)Calamari - 1.4 backlog
12082CalamariBugNewNormalcalamari-server postinstall should use supervisor conf.d if possible06/26/2015 04:43 PM
12080CalamariBugNewNormalcalamari crush location needs to deal with configurable cephx keyring location06/18/2015 09:26 PMBackend (services)Calamari - 1.4 backlog
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