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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
24968bluestoreBugNewNormal Compaction error: Corruption: block checksum mismatch07/18/2018 07:31 PM
24906bluestoreBugNewNormalfio with bluestore crushed07/13/2018 10:54 AMbluestore - v12.2.5
24903bluestoreBugNeed ReviewUrgentUpdate 12.2.5 -> 12.2.6: block.db symlink exists but target unusable07/13/2018 04:51 PM
24901bluestoreBugNewNormalClient reads fail due to bad CRC under high memory pressure on OSDs07/13/2018 08:03 AM
24886bluestoreBackportIn ProgressNormalluminous: Multiple races related to destruction of SharedBlob and BlueStore::split_cache()Prashant D07/16/2018 02:35 AM
24859bluestoreBugPending BackportNormalMultiple races related to destruction of SharedBlob and BlueStore::split_cache()07/12/2018 03:02 AM
24799bluestoreBackportIn ProgressNormalmimic: FAILED assert(0 == "can't mark unloaded shard dirty") with compression enabledIgor Fedotov07/12/2018 10:20 AM
24798bluestoreBackportIn ProgressNormalluminous: FAILED assert(0 == "can't mark unloaded shard dirty") with compression enabledIgor Fedotov07/06/2018 09:16 PM
24770bluestoreBackportIn ProgressNormalluminous: set correctly shard for existed Collection.Nathan Cutler07/04/2018 11:01 PM
24761bluestoreBugPending BackportNormalset correctly shard for existed Collection.07/04/2018 07:22 PM
24715bluestoreBugIn ProgressHighFAILED assert(0 == "put on missing extent (nothing before)")07/09/2018 02:00 PMbluestore - v12.2.5
24712bluestoreDocumentationNewNormalMemory recommendations for bluestore06/29/2018 09:37 AMCeph - v12.2.6
24639bluestoreBugNewNormal[segfault] segfault in BlueFS::read06/23/2018 11:32 AMCeph - v13.2.0
24561bluestoreBugNewNormalif disableWAL is set, submit_transacton_sync will met error.06/19/2018 03:04 AM
24560bluestoreBugNewNormalBitmapAllocator::_mark_allocated parameter overflow.06/19/2018 02:22 AMbluestore
24526bluestoreBugNewNormalMimic OSDs do not start after deleting some pools with size=106/14/2018 07:27 PM
24480bluestoreBugNeed ReviewNormalusing a 1GB data device refuses provisioning with misleading errorIgor Fedotov06/14/2018 02:31 PM
24439bluestoreBugVerifiedHighos/bluestore/ 1025: FAILED assert(buffer_bytes >= b->length) from ObjectStore/StoreTest.ColSplitTest2/206/06/2018 10:02 PM
24260bluestoreBackportIn ProgressNormalluminous: bluestore: flush_commit is racyIgor Fedotov07/06/2018 01:27 PM
24075bluestoreDocumentationNewNormalBluestore and Bluefs Config Reference05/10/2018 08:21 AM
23819bluestoreBugNewNormalhow to make compactions smooth04/23/2018 03:09 AM
23540bluestoreBugPending BackportHighFAILED assert(0 == "can't mark unloaded shard dirty") with compression enabledIgor Fedotov07/06/2018 09:21 PM
23463bluestoreBugNewNormalsrc/os/bluestore/ 336: FAILED assert(rm.empty())03/26/2018 03:30 PM
23443bluestoreDocumentationNewNormaldoc: object -> file -> disk is wrong for bluestore04/09/2018 05:20 PM
23433bluestoreSupportFeedbackNormalCeph cluster doesn't start - ERROR: error creating empty object store in /data/ceph/build/dev/osd0: (22) Invalid argument04/09/2018 06:51 PM
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