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21417RADOSBugNeed More InfoImmediatebuffer_anon leak during deep scrub (on otherwise idle osd)Sage Weil09/21/2017 09:48 PM
21471RADOSBugIn ProgressImmediatemon osd feature checks for osdmap flags and require-osd-release fail if 0 up osdsBrad Hubbard09/20/2017 10:25 AM
18353teuthologyBugNewImmediatetwo jobs have same machines locked12/24/2016 08:48 PM
18249teuthologyBugVerifiedImmediatesuite --ceph-repo option doesn't change's repoZack Cerza12/20/2016 03:02 AM
16142teuthologyBugNewImmediateException during internal.connect fails to unlock machinesZack Cerza11/23/2016 06:56 PM
21303RADOSBugNeed More InfoUrgentrocksdb get a error: "Compaction error: Corruption: block checksum mismatch"09/23/2017 10:15 AMCorrectness/SafetyCeph - v12.2.1ceph version (27f32562975c5fd3b785a124c818599c677b3f67) luminous (dev)
19255fsBugNeed More InfoUrgenttest_full_fclose failure07/20/2017 11:17 PMTestingCeph - v12.0.0
21424CephBugNewUrgent"cluster [WRN] Health check failed: 1 osds down (OSD_DOWN)"" in knfs-luminous-testing09/24/2017 03:17 AM
21470RADOSBugNeed More InfoUrgentCeph OSDs crashing in BlueStore::queue_transactions() using EC after applying fixSage Weil09/23/2017 04:39 PMCorrectness/Safety
21511RADOSBugNeed ReviewUrgentrados/standalone/scrub.yaml: can't decode 'snapset' attr buffer::malformed_input: ...Sage Weil09/22/2017 09:49 PM
21218RADOSBugVerifiedUrgentthrash-eio + bluestore (hangs with unfound objects or read_log_and_missing assert)09/22/2017 08:43 PMCorrectness/Safety
21491CIBugIn ProgressUrgentOVH slave errorDavid Galloway09/22/2017 04:01 PM
21416CephBugVerifiedUrgentosd/ 60: FAILED assert(s <= can_rollback_to) after upgrade to luminous09/21/2017 09:10 PMOSD
21482CephBugNewUrgent"file changed as we read it" in ceph-deploy-jewel09/20/2017 07:59 PM
19705CephBugNeed More InfoUrgentUbuntu amd64 client can not discover the ubuntu arm64 ceph cluster09/20/2017 03:48 PMmsgramd64 client can't discover the arm64 cluster
21294CephBugTestingUrgentceph_manager: bad AssertionError: failed to recover before timeout expired09/20/2017 03:19 PM
21425CephBugNeed ReviewUrgent"cluster [WRN] Health check failed: noup flag(s) set (OSDMAP_FLAGS)"" in rest-luminous-distro09/19/2017 09:31 AM
21331RADOSBugVerifiedUrgentpg recovery priority inversionSage Weil09/14/2017 10:27 PM stop_daemons_of_type did not stop them all (sometimes osds, sometimes mons)09/08/2017 12:14 PM
20910RADOSBugIn ProgressUrgentspurious MON_DOWN, apparently slow/laggy mon09/07/2017 06:42 PM
21143RADOSBugVerifiedUrgentbad RESETSESSION between OSDs?Haomai Wang09/06/2017 11:40 AM
21165RADOSBugIn ProgressUrgent2 pgs stuck in unknown during thrashingSage Weil08/29/2017 03:00 AM
21147RADOSBugVerifiedUrgentManager daemon x is unresponsive. No standby daemons availableSage Weil08/27/2017 05:59 PM
21130RADOSBugNewUrgent"FAILED assert(bh->last_write_tid > tid)" in powercycle-master-testing-basic-smithi08/25/2017 03:44 PM
21124RADOSBugVerifiedUrgentmsg/async: failure to connect08/25/2017 02:27 AM
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