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01:11 PM mgr Cleanup #38765 (New): mgr/dashboard: front-end form component refactoring
Currently 75% of the dashboard code follows the template below, which exhibits a high degree of code duplication. For...
12:54 PM Bug #38764 (New): Enforce HTTPS on already redirects to secure endpoint and sets CSP upgrade-insecure-request (
09:58 AM mgr Cleanup #38759 (New): mgr/dashboard: Add '--watch' functionality to tox unittests
Mimicking the extremely useful behaviour of @jest --watch@, which monitors Angular unit test files, and automatically...


01:42 PM mgr Bug #38228 (Closed): mgr: NO TRACE DUMP - "reap_dead start"
Closing this as this hasn't happened again.
11:57 AM mgr Fix #38697: mgr/dashboard: Enhance info shown in Landing Page cards 'PGs per OSD' & 'Raw Capacity'
*Raw capacity chart*
It's a binary one (either Total-Used or Total-Free, the third data is trivial)
These are the r...
10:33 AM mgr Cleanup #38717 (New): mgr: remove duplicate Active-Standby code in C++ mgr and Python
Currently both Ceph-mgr and have a notable amount of duplicate code for implementing the API both in Ac...


12:44 PM mgr Bug #38657 (Need Review): mgr/dashboard: "client recovery" in landing page should be just "recovery"
yup, it's a one liner (ceph/dashboard/health/health.component.html:161).
12:38 PM Ceph Revision db2e5762 (ceph): mgr/dashboard: Change 'Client Recovery' title
Rename 'Client Recovery' info-card title to 'Recovery Throughput' as:
- 'Client' is a misleading concept there, as lo...
10:19 AM mgr Bug #38657 (Resolved): mgr/dashboard: "client recovery" in landing page should be just "recovery"
In the landing page, the info-card called "client recovery" should be renamed as just "recovery", as in Ceph there's ...


10:09 AM mgr Bug #38614: Disable SSLv3 on ceph-mgr?
A quick way to check this: @openssl s_client -ssl3 -connect "$ip:$port"@

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