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# Project Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
23031RADOSNormalFAILED assert(!parent->get_log().get_missing().is_missing(soid))David ZafmanDavid Zafman02/17/2018 02:20 AM
23030CephNormalOSD crashes during recovery with assert(p != assert(recovery_info.oi.legacy_snaps.size())Paul Emmerich02/17/2018 12:37 AMOSD
23028fsHighmds: allow client to use caps that are revoked but not yet returnedJeff LaytonJeff Layton02/16/2018 09:42 PMCorrectness/Safety
23019teuthologyNormalpip failures running bootstrap on fc27Brad Hubbard02/16/2018 12:52 AMCore
23017mgrNormalmgr log spamming about down osdsDan van der Ster02/15/2018 04:50 PMceph-mgr
23007CephNormaljewel integration testing: ceph pg scrub 1.0 fails in create_verify_lfn_objectsNathan CutlerDavid Zafman02/15/2018 03:05 PM
23005CephNormalImplement rados for Python library with some problemChen BO-YU02/15/2018 07:34 AMlibradosCeph - v12.2.2
23001ceph-volumeNormalceph-volume should destroy vgs and lvs on OSD creation failureDavid Galloway02/14/2018 06:48 PM
22995CephUrgentOSD_DOWN during ffsb on knfsYuri Weinstein02/14/2018 11:22 PM
22994RADOSNormalrados bench doesn't use --max-objectsBen England02/13/2018 07:53 PMAdministration/UsabilityCeph - v12.2.3
22992RADOSNormalmon: add RAM usage (including avail) to HealthMonitor::check_member_health?Patrick Donnelly02/13/2018 07:30 PM
22989fsHighdoc: add documentation for MDS statesPatrick Donnelly02/15/2018 01:36 PMCeph - v13.0.0
22986rgwNormalhadoop-s3a jobs failing with EPERMCasey Bodley02/14/2018 12:25 PMhadoop s3a
22985rgwHighBuckets missing from rgw_read_user_buckets outputRobin Johnson02/12/2018 04:28 PMrgw, bucket-list
22977bluestoreNormalHigh CPU load caused by operations on onode_mapPaul Emmerich02/13/2018 06:16 PM
22962fsNormalmds: move remaining containers in CDentry/CDir/CInode to mempool (cont.)Patrick DonnellyPatrick Donnelly02/09/2018 02:20 AMIntrospection/Control
22961rbdNormal[test] OpenStack tempest test is failing across all branches (again)Jason Dillaman02/09/2018 12:12 AM
22959CephNormalbuild: can't uninstall ceph-{mgr|mon|osd|mds|base} because ceph.service doesn't existNathaniel Dean02/12/2018 07:08 PMcommon
22957bluestoreNormal[bluestore]bstore_kv_final thread seems deadlock zhou yang02/08/2018 06:11 PM
22952RADOSNormalMonitor stopped responding after awhileFrank LiKefu Chai02/15/2018 06:53 PMPeeringCeph - v12.2.2
22946rgwNormalrgw: s3 copy object return 'x-amz-copy-source-version-id' and 'x-amz-version-idfang yuxiang02/07/2018 01:21 PM
22944CephNormalInfiniband send_msg send returned error 32: (32) Broken pipeRadosław PiliszekHaomai Wang02/13/2018 04:39 PMrdma, infiniband
22933fsNormalclient: add option descriptions and review levels (e.g. LEVEL_DEV)Patrick DonnellyPatrick Donnelly02/06/2018 09:09 PMAdministration/UsabilityCeph - v13.0.0
22926sepiaNormalmira090 1 of 8 drives need replacingKefu ChaiDavid Disseldorp02/06/2018 04:56 AMTest Node
22908rgwNormal[Multisite] Synchronization works only one way (zone2->zone1)Mariusz Derela02/15/2018 07:12 PMCeph - v12.2.2
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