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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
24928fsBackportNeed More InfoNormalmimic: qa: test_recovery_pool tries asok on wrong nodePrashant D07/17/2018 07:24 AM
24927rbdBugNewNormal"[ FAILED ] TestLibRBD.TestIOPP" in upgrade:luminous-x-mimic07/16/2018 05:08 PM
24926ceph-ansibleBugNewUrgentceph-ansible-mimic brokenSébastien Han07/16/2018 09:59 PM
24925fsBugNewHighqa: pjd test failed ctime change unexpected resultZheng Yan07/16/2018 01:44 PMCeph - v14.0.0
24924CephDocumentationNewNormal 10:15 AMlow-hanging-fruit
24923ceph-websiteBugNewNormal 09:04 PM
24922CephBugIn ProgressImmediateosd: skip_data_digest change breaks deep scrub07/15/2018 10:48 PM
24921Ceph-deployBugNewNormalceph_deploy error with error rpm path07/16/2018 01:28 PM
24920devopsBugNewUrgentteuthology is not installing python3-cephfs/python3-rados/etc. (Ubuntu) or python34-cephfs (CentOS) or (what else?)07/14/2018 12:21 AMCeph - v14.0.0
24919devopsBugNeed ReviewUrgentrpm: missing dependency on python34-ceph-argparse from python34-cephfs (and others?)Kefu Chai07/14/2018 03:46 AMCeph - v14.0.0
24918devopsBugNeed ReviewUrgentUbuntu: python3-cephfs missing dependency on python3-radosKefu Chai07/14/2018 03:45 AMCeph - v14.0.0
24917RADOSBugNewNormalGracefully deal with upgrades when bluestore skipping of data_digest becomes active07/13/2018 11:02 PM
24916rgwBackportIn ProgressNormalluminous: rgw: partial ordered bucket listing featureEric Ivancich07/14/2018 08:39 AM
24915rgwBugNeed ReviewNormalrgw_file: "deep stat"/stats of unenumerated paths not handledMatt Benjamin07/13/2018 09:45 PM
24914fsBackportNewNormalmimic: mon: prevent older/incompatible clients from mounting the file systemZheng Yan07/13/2018 09:11 PM
24913fsBackportIn ProgressNormalmimic: qa: multifs requires 4 mds but gets only 2Patrick Donnelly07/13/2018 09:09 PM
24912fsBackportNewNormalluminous: qa: multifs requires 4 mds but gets only 207/13/2018 09:09 PM
24911CephBugNewUrgentDead jobs at "Finished running handlers" in upgrade:luminous-x-mimicSage Weil07/13/2018 04:03 PM test fails to finish in jenkin's "make check" run07/16/2018 12:29 PM
24909RADOSBugNeed ReviewNormalRBD client IOPS pool stats are incorrect (2x higher)Jason Dillaman07/13/2018 01:55 PM
24908RADOSBackportIn ProgressNormalluminous: luminous->mimic: missing primary copy of xxx, wil try copies on 3, then full-object read crc mismatchSage Weil07/13/2018 12:58 PM
24907mgrBackportNewNormalmimic: Ceph Dashboard doesn't support IDs with special characters07/13/2018 12:56 PM
24906bluestoreBugNewNormalfio with bluestore crushed07/13/2018 10:54 AMbluestore - v12.2.5
24905CephBackportNewNormalmimic: mimic 13.2.0 doesn't build in Fedora rawhide07/13/2018 10:44 AM
24904fsBackportIn ProgressNormalmimic: qa: client socket inaccessible without sudoNathan Cutler07/13/2018 02:46 PM
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