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04:16 PM rgw Bug #21725: disable dynamic resharding in multisite enviorment
PR to master:


05:19 PM Ceph Feature #21762: Add ceph-monstore-tool in ceph-mon package, ceph-kvstore-tool in ceph-mon and cep...
Yeah, I'm ok with that trade-off, particularly since the -mgr will likely already be on a monitor node.
03:48 PM Ceph Feature #21762: Add ceph-monstore-tool in ceph-mon package, ceph-kvstore-tool in ceph-mon and cep...
What do you think about putting @ceph-kvstore-tool@ into the @ceph-base@ instead of introducing a new sub-package jus...


09:11 PM Ceph Revision 0fcdba53 (ceph): doc: rm stray ")" character from mds config ref
I accidentally introduced this in
Signed-off-by: Ken Dreyer <kdreyer@redhat...


03:28 PM Ceph Revision 4fb89a63 (ceph): doc: "mds blacklist interval" vs manually blacklisting
The "mds blacklist interval" setting has no effect on the time that
the "ceph osd blacklist" command will use by defa...


03:06 PM Ceph Revision 33549376 (ceph): .gitignore: allow debian .patch files
The Ubuntu packaging layout with git-buildpackage assumes a
"debian/patches/" directory with several .patch files in ...


08:43 PM rgw Bug #21590 (Pending Backport): fix a bug about inconsistent unit of comparison


11:12 PM Ceph Bug #21574: "ERROR! Unexpected Exception: 'module' object has no attribute 'SSL_ST_INIT'" in ceph...
FYI adds the PPA instructions to the ceph-ansible docs.


07:28 PM rgw Bug #21597 (Need Review): s3:GetBucketWebsite/PutBucketWebsite fails with 403


06:41 PM rgw Backport #21270 (Resolved): luminous: rgw: shadow objects are sometimes not removed

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