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38405CephBugNewNormalFAILED ceph_assert(weak_refs.empty()) on osd shutdown02/20/2019 03:08 PM
38404rbdBugNewNormal[api] seperate remove verification steps and re-use prior to moving image to trashJason Dillaman02/20/2019 01:22 PM
38403RADOSBugVerifiedNormalosd: leaked from OSDMap::apply_incremental02/20/2019 01:10 PM
38402RADOSBugVerifiedHighceph-objectstore-tool on down osd w/ not enough in osds02/20/2019 12:58 PM
38401mgrBugNewNormalmgr/dashboard: config option detail - replace "Yes/No" by check iconTatjana Dehler02/20/2019 11:21 AMdashboard/generaldashboard, configuration
38400RADOSBackportNewNormalluminous: rados_shutdown hang forever in ~objecter()02/20/2019 10:44 AM
38399mgrFeatureNewNormalmgr/dashboard: Add endpoint for NFS status02/20/2019 10:43 AMdashboard/nfs-ganesha
38398RADOSBackportNewNormalmimic: rados_shutdown hang forever in ~objecter()02/20/2019 10:43 AM
38397rgwBackportNewNormalluminous: rgw: when exclusive lock fails due existing lock, log add'l info02/20/2019 10:43 AM
38396rgwBackportNewNormalmimic: rgw: when exclusive lock fails due existing lock, log add'l info02/20/2019 10:43 AM
38395bluestoreBugNeed ReviewHighluminous: write following remove might access previous onodeIgor Fedotov02/20/2019 11:15 AM
38394mgrFeatureNewNormalmgr/dashboard: QA - try to run mgr Teuthology tests as part of run-backend-api-tests.sh02/20/2019 10:56 AMdashboard/qadashboard, QA
38393CephBugNewNormalAll the metrics exposed by ceph-metrics should contain cluster_id as label02/20/2019 08:23 AMmsgr
38391CephBugNewNormalmsg async rdma: fix rdma exchange port, parse string bug02/20/2019 02:53 AMmsgr
38390ceph-volumeBugNewHighlvm batch KeyError: 'rotational'02/20/2019 01:21 PM
38389rgwBugIn ProgressLowrgw: lifecycle: days may be 0Matt Benjamin02/19/2019 09:58 PM
38388CephBugNewNormal"failed to create directory via template '/cephtool.XXX': Permission denied" in rados02/19/2019 08:26 PM
38387rbdBugNeed ReviewNormal[rbd-mirror] LeaderWatcher stuck in loop if pool deletedJason Dillaman02/19/2019 09:11 PM
38386fsTasksNewHighqa: write kernel fscache tests02/19/2019 07:38 PMTestingCeph - v15.0.0
38385rbdBugNeed ReviewNormal[test] rbd-mirror peer monitor address doesn't handle msgr v2Jason Dillaman02/19/2019 07:23 PM
38383rbdBugIn ProgressUrgentcompare-and-write skips compare after copyup without object mapIlya Dryomov02/19/2019 04:38 PM
38382mgrBugNewNormalmgr/dashboard: Placement group counter skips values when incrementing it via the cursor keysStephan Müller02/19/2019 04:18 PMdashboard/poolsCeph - v14.0.0low-hanging-fruit, usability
38381RADOSBugNeed ReviewHighRados.get_fsid() returning bytes in python3Jason Dillaman02/19/2019 04:05 PM
38380mgrBugNeed ReviewUrgenttasks.mgr.test_module_selftest.TestModuleSelftest fails, dashboard/server_port not stringVolker Theile02/20/2019 12:58 PMCeph - v14.0.0
38379Ceph-deployBugNewNormalceph-deploy install error02/19/2019 03:32 PM
38378mgrBugNeed More InfoNormal(mimic) SSL handshake: 500 internal error to access dashboard02/19/2019 10:30 AMdashboard/backend
38377RADOSBugNewNormalOpTracker destruct assert when OSD destruct02/19/2019 09:21 AM
38376fsBugNewNormalclient:Repeated release of put_request() in make_request()02/19/2019 07:35 AM
38375RADOSBugNewHighOSD segmentation fault on rbd create02/20/2019 02:09 AMCorrectness/Safety
38374fsSupportNewNormalCrash when using cephfs as /var/lib/docker in devicemapper mode02/20/2019 03:24 AM
38373rgwBugNeed ReviewHighmultisite: rgw_data_sync_status json decode failure breaks automated datalog trimmingCasey Bodley02/18/2019 11:57 PMmultisite
38372RADOSBugNewHighsegfault in "AuthMonitor::increase_max_global_id()"02/19/2019 05:36 PM
38371ceph-volumeBugNewNormalceph-volume: mimic - KeyError: 'rotational'02/18/2019 07:49 PM
38370RADOSFeatureNeed ReviewNormalceph CLI ability to change file ownershipSébastien Han02/18/2019 10:06 PM
38369rgwBackportNeed More InfoNormalmimic: rgw: fix prefix handling in LCFilter02/20/2019 10:50 AM
38368rgwBackportNeed More InfoNormalluminous: rgw: fix prefix handling in LCFilter02/20/2019 10:50 AM
38367ceph-ansibleBugNewNormalBlock writing spped issue in ceph luminous version02/18/2019 05:43 PM
38366ceph-volumeBugNewNormalmimic: ceph-volume: add osd_ids argument02/18/2019 05:11 PMCeph - v13.2.5
38365ceph-volumeBugNewNormalluminous: ceph-volume: add osd_ids argument02/18/2019 05:10 PMCeph - v12.2.12
38364rbdBugNewNormal[sparsify] verify that image isn't using an EC data pool02/18/2019 02:27 PM
38363bluestoreBugNewNormalFailure in assert when calling: ceph-volume lvm prepare --bluestore --data /dev/sdg02/18/2019 01:41 PMUbuntu 18.04.2,osd
38362mgrBugNewNormalmgr/dashboard: QA run failures: test_standby (tasks.mgr.test_dashboard.TestDashboard)02/20/2019 11:31 AMdashboard/qa
38359RADOSBugPending can fail with CLI_DUP_COMMAND=102/20/2019 01:04 PM
38358RADOSBugVerifiedNormalshort pg log + cache tier ceph_test_rados out of order reply02/16/2019 03:49 PM
38357RADOSBugVerifiedHighClsLock.TestExclusiveEphemeralStealEphemeral failed02/16/2019 03:37 PM
38356RADOSBugNewNormalstandalone/osd/ fails in TEST_markdown_boot02/16/2019 03:34 PM
38355RADOSBugVerifiedUrgentmsg/async: sendmsg points to unaddressable bytes in AsyncConnection::_try_send02/16/2019 03:34 PM
38354rgwBackportIn ProgressNormalluminous: rgw: GetBucketAcl on non-existing bucket doesn't throw NoSuchBucketPrashant D02/20/2019 04:02 AM
38353rgwBackportIn ProgressNormalmimic: rgw: GetBucketAcl on non-existing bucket doesn't throw NoSuchBucketPrashant D02/20/2019 03:59 AM
38352RADOSBackportNewNormalluminous: Limit loops waiting for force-backfill/force-recovery to happen02/16/2019 10:55 AM
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