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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
23039rgwBugIn ProgressHighabort early if frontends signal an initialization error Abhishek Lekshmanan02/19/2018 10:25 PM
22816Ceph-deployBugNewNormalTypeError: startswith first arg must be bytes or a tuple of bytes, not str in 10:05 PM
23045RADOSFeatureNewNormalmon: warn on slow ops in OpTrackerGreg Farnum02/19/2018 09:58 PMIntrospection/Control
23030RADOSBugNewNormalosd: crash during recovery with assert(p != assert(recovery_info.oi.legacy_snaps.size())Sage Weil02/19/2018 09:52 PM
23038rbdBugNewNormalrbd: import with option --export-format fails to protect snapshot02/19/2018 09:22 PM
23044RADOSFeatureNewNormalosd: use madvise with MADV_DONTDUMP to prevent cached data from being core dumped02/19/2018 09:02 PM
23043rbdBugNeed ReviewNormal[test] should be updated to use 'profile rbd'-style permissionsJason Dillaman02/19/2018 08:19 PM
23042mgrFeatureNewNormalPrompt ServiceMap removal on clean shutdown02/19/2018 06:34 PMMgrClient
21550bluestoreBugNeed More InfoHighPG errors reappearing after OSD node rebooted on Luminous02/19/2018 05:49 PM
22464bluestoreBugVerifiedHighBluestore: many checksum errors, always 0x6706be76 (which matches a zero block)02/19/2018 05:47 PM
23041fsBugNeed ReviewNormalceph-fuse: clarify -i is not a valid optionPatrick Donnelly02/19/2018 04:59 PMAdministration/Usability
22796bluestoreBugNeed More 9363: FAILED assert(0 == "unexpected error") (ENOSPC)02/19/2018 04:24 PMbluestore
23040bluestoreBugNeed ReviewHighbluestore: statfs available can go negative02/19/2018 04:16 PM
17148CephBugNewNormalFault from device name change02/19/2018 04:05 PM
23031RADOSBugNewNormalFAILED assert(!parent->get_log().get_missing().is_missing(soid))David Zafman02/19/2018 03:52 PM
21259bluestoreBugVerifiedUrgentbluestore: segv in BlueStore::TwoQCache::_trim02/19/2018 03:41 PM
17640Ceph-deployBugNeed More InfoNormal"ERROR: missing keyring, cannot use cephx for authentication" in ceph-deploy02/19/2018 03:35 PM
11502rbdBugNeed ReviewNormal"[ FAILED ] TestLibRBD.LockingPP" in rbd-next-distro-basic-mult runJason Dillaman02/19/2018 03:26 PM
23017mgrBugNeed ReviewNormalmgr log spamming about down osds02/19/2018 03:23 PMceph-mgr
17874Ceph-deployBugNeed More InfoUrgentmon crash infernalis => jewel 10.2.3 upgrade02/19/2018 02:56 PM
22123RADOSBugNeed ReviewHighosd: objecter sends out of sync with pg epochs for proxied opsSage Weil02/19/2018 02:55 PMTiering
23028fsBugNewHighclient: allow client to use caps that are revoked but not yet returnedJeff Layton02/19/2018 02:53 PMCorrectness/Safety
17641ceph-qa-suiteBugNewNormal"AssertionError: failed to install new kernel version within timeout" in ceph-deployVasu Kulkarni02/19/2018 02:48 PM
23037CephBugNewNormalEmpty df detail after migrating from Jewel to Luminous02/19/2018 02:45 PMceph cli
19125Ceph-deployBugVerifiedHighinstall on debian distros fails if apt-get update was not called beforeAlfredo Deza02/19/2018 02:40 PM
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