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08:40 PM fs Bug #23394 (New): nfs-ganesha: check cache configuration when exporting FSAL_CEPH
NFS Ganesha should check that caching is disabled when exporting FSAL_CEPH. If misconfigured, it should raise an erro...
08:36 PM fs Bug #23393 (New): ceph-ansible: update Ganesha config for nfs_file_gw to use optimal settings
This config file template:


07:15 PM mgr Bug #23326: mgr: Error EIO: Module 'dashboard_v2' has experienced an error and cannot handle comm...
John Spray wrote:
> I think what's going on here is that the dashboard used to fail silently (it always required rbd...
06:41 PM fs Documentation #23334: doc: note client eviction results in a client instance blacklisted, not an ...
Rishabh Dave wrote:
> What attribute other than address can be used to remove a client from blacklist? I tried clien...
06:39 PM fs Documentation #23334: doc: note client eviction results in a client instance blacklisted, not an ...
Rishabh Dave wrote:
> Or... do you want the docs to clearer that by "address" it means the "entity address" (like h...


10:32 PM fs Bug #23172 (Need Review): mds: fixed MDS_FEATURE_INCOMPAT_FILE_LAYOUT_V2 definition breaks lumino...
10:12 PM fs Bug #21985: mds: definition of MDS_FEATURE_INCOMPAT_FILE_LAYOUT_V2 is wrong
Yes, let's not backport to jewel.
10:08 PM fs Bug #23247 (Won't Fix): doc: distinguish versions in ceph-fuse
Okay, let's close this then.
07:04 PM fs Feature #23362 (New): mds: add drop_cache command
This should try to trim the cache as much as possible, optionally ask clients to release all caps, and optionally flu...
03:35 AM fs Bug #23211 (Pending Backport): client: prevent fallback to remount when dentry_invalidate_cb is t...

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