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06:43 PM Ceph Bug #21027: vstart's -X option no longer works
Jeff did some testing and confirmed this was the PR that did it:
06:41 PM fs Feature #19109 (Resolved): Use data pool's 'df' for statfs instead of global stats, if there is o...
Oh, oops. I forgot I merged this into luminous. Thanks Doug.
06:14 PM fs Feature #19109 (Pending Backport): Use data pool's 'df' for statfs instead of global stats, if th...
Waiting for
to be merged up...


11:08 PM fs Feature #18490: implement delegation support in userland cephfs
Jeff Layton wrote:
> The main work to be done at this point is handling clients that don't return the delegation in ...
10:01 PM Linux kernel client Bug #20998: RHEL74 GA kernel paniced on client node running smallfile tests with 3 active MDS
Zheng, what's the path forward on getting this resolved? How do we get that backported?
09:47 PM fs Bug #20990 (Pending Backport): mds,mgr: add 'is_valid=false' when failed to parse caps
09:42 PM Ceph Revision 588e5d03 (ceph): Merge PR #16891 into master
* refs/remotes/upstream/pull/16891/head:
mds/MDSDaemon: add 'is_valid=false' when failed to parse caps
06:48 PM fs Bug #21014 (New): fs: reduce number of helper debug messages at level 5 for client
I think we want just the inital log message for each ll_ operation and not the helpers (e.g. _rmdir).
See: http://...
06:23 PM fs Bug #21004: fs: client/mds has wrong check to clear S_ISGID on chown


09:58 PM fs Bug #21004: fs: client/mds has wrong check to clear S_ISGID on chown
Well actually the test above fails because the chown was a no-op due to an earlier chown failure. In any case I've fo...

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