Blueprints should be used to document proposed features and architectures or to store canonical specifications for active work as listed in the Ceph Tracker.
Your blueprint should be an active document that will be maintained throughout the development process with the eventual goal of becoming the canonical guide on how the feature works. Suitable blueprints will be discussed at the next available Ceph Developer Summit.

Next Summit: 03-04 March ("Infernalis")

If a call for blueprints isn't open you can always submit a general proposal:

(Generate Blueprints button)

Blueprint Process

The blueprint process is as follows:

  1. Create Blueprint: Someone with a great idea writes it up in a blueprint. Early-stage blueprints may not contain lots of detail, but should be enough information to capture the idea and gather interested contributors. The creator of a blueprint will usually become the owner of that blueprint, or should ensure that an owner is identified.
  2. Blueprint Review: In advance of the Ceph Developer Summit, Sage and the community team review the submitted blueprints and select the ones that will be discussed during sessions.
  3. Ceph Developer Summit: During the summit, interested parties will discuss the possible architectural approaches for the blueprint, determine the necessary work items, and begin to identify owners for them. Sessions will be moderated by the blueprint owner, who is responsible for coordinating the efforts of those involved and providing regular updates to the community.
  4. Feature Freeze: During or (ideally) prior to the feature freeze, Sage will review the completed work and approve its inclusion in the release.

Current Blueprints