Test Automation


Contributors to, and users of, tools used for test automation and results analysis will get together to examine the current state of automated ceph testing and discuss the next steps to take in their evolution


Interested Parties

Current Status

We are continuing to move toward enabling teuthology to be run painlessly outside of Inktank
Recently we have begun work on a modern, usable web UI for test results. Up until now we'd been having to ssh into a machine, read logfiles, etc. - very time-consuming. Pulpito, the new dashboard, makes the job far easier.

Detailed Description

Teuthology - test framework:
Paddles - JSON-based results storage:
Pulpito - web dashboard using paddles:

Work items

Coding tasks

  1. Results dashboard (Pulpito) - and make it public!
  2. Replace teuthology queueing mechanism
  3. Merge teuthology locking into queueing/reporting?
  4. Eventually, allow scheduling tests via Pulpito

Deprecation tasks

  1. How to transition to new queueing/locking mechanism