Wiki IA Overhaul


This blueprint is designed to capture requirements and structure for an overhaul of the Ceph wiki.


  • Patrick McGarry (Red Hat)
  • Name (Affiliation)
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Interested Parties

  • Eric Mourgaya Virapatrin (Credit Mutuel Arkea)
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Current Status

Right now the Ceph Wiki has been utilized primarily as a container for Ceph Developer Summit (CDS) documentation. There are a few other various pieces of info that have been added on an ad hoc basis. We would like to start a major push to clean the structure and populate the wiki with the various information floating around the Ceph community.

Detailed Description

Below is a list of new proposed sections to be added to the wiki:

  1. speakers by region/topic
    1. This would be a list of anyone willing to speak about Ceph
    2. Could be broken down by region so that we can easily see speakers for Ceph days and other conferences
  2. event calendar for community (in addition to meetups)
    1. This would be a canonical resource for all Ceph-related events in meatspace
    2. Conferences, Ceph Days, meetups, etc
  3. ceph tools / community contribs
    1. A listing of all community-contributed plugins, tools, products, etc
  4. procedures
    1. This would be a guide section for all procedural writeups on Ceph
    2. This would include development procedures (eg: how to commit) as well as others (eg: how to tune)
  5. hardware compatibility guide (for community/partner editing)
    1. The goal here was to put a hardware guide in a community-editable space
    2. Any third party should be able to contribute their reference architecture or other documentation
  6. community swag? (t-shirts, etc)
    1. A note on how local meetups can get swag
    2. Part of this would come from the existing user committee page
    3. could be scaled to other swag in the long term
  7. "Why we contribute" for corporate participants
    1. A good place for any contributing organizations to lay out their goals and aspirations as a Ceph participant
  8. Academic outreach / Ceph in academia
    1. Ultimately the Ceph community would love to be more involved in the education of students
    2. This could contain GSoC, hackathons, and other programs
  9. Orchestration & Deployment (update Juju writeup, docker, etc)
    1. This would be a devops-centric series of guides
    2. This might have too much overlap to be it's own entity, so could just be aggregation/cross-linking
  10. Committer listing for each release
    1. This is already being done via the Ceph user committee
    2. Would be good to have historic listing
  11. Roadmap page for each module (esp CephFS)
    1. Each "Component Technical Lead" will be responsible for documenting pending work for their module
  12. Chum bucket / paper cuts / etc
    1. Several places to distribute coding tasks
    2. Chum bucket: small contained new feature development
    3. Paper Cuts: self-contained bugs
    4. Sideboard: previous blueprints that were abandoned
  13. High value documentation (things to read first)
    1. A documentation resource that aggregates the most important doc to read in order to come up to speed quickly
    2. This can pull from /master/doc, blogs, whitepapers, etc and should evolve over time

Work items

Coding tasks

  1. Integrate parts of documentation workflow (gitbuilder) to push to wiki [maybe]
  2. Build FAQ/Guide structure (Mindtouch)
  3. Task 3

Build / release tasks

  1. Task 1
  2. Task 2
  3. Task 3

Documentation tasks

  1. Create structure w/ placeholder pages
  2. Populate content
  3. Populate Guides/FAQs

Deprecation tasks

  1. Task 1
  2. Task 2
  3. Task 3

Proposed Structure:

  • Community
    • Meetups
    • Press
    • Ceph Technical Committee (CTLs)
    • Ceph User Committee (new)
      • Meetings
      • Swag (new)
      • Committer List (new)
    • Speakers (new)
    • Event Calendar (new)
    • Ceph in Academia (new)
      • GSoC (new)
  • Development
    • Ceph Tools (new)
    • Tasks (new)
      • Sideboard
      • Chum Bucket
      • Paper Cuts (new)
    • Misc
  • FAQs
    • FAQ
    • High Value Doc (new)
  • Guides
    • General Guides
    • Getting Started
    • Orchestration and Deployment (new)
    • Procedures (new)
    • Hardware Compatibility (new)
  • Planning
    • Blueprints
      • Dumpling
      • Emperor
      • Firefly
      • Giant
      • Submissions
    • Roadmap
      • RADOS/Core (new)
      • CephFS (new)
      • RBD (new)
      • RGW (new)
      • Calamari (new)
    • Ceph Developer Summit
      • CDS Dumpling
      • CDS Emperor
      • CDS Firefly
      • CDS Giant