Ceph on Apache Mesos

The ceph-mesos project is a Apache Mesos framework for scaling a Ceph cluster. The framework scheduler decides which Ceph binaries to execute and the framework executors launch Ceph Docker containers on Mesos slaves accordingly.

Zhongyue Nah (Intel)
Zhankun Tang (Intel)
Zhidong Yu (Intel)

Interested Parties
Zhongyue Nah (Intel)

Current Status
The ceph-mesos project is external to the Ceph project. Currently it is under testing and will soon release it's initial version.

Detailed Description
Big Data analytics is a hot issue in enterprise IT. However Big Data analytics consists of many components that it is a challenge to manage all applications in a significantly large cluster of hosts. The Apache Mesos project is one of the most promising solutions in datacenter management. It provides a high level interface for managing applications running in a datacenter that adding new applications hardly increases management entropy.

In conjunction with the Hadoop_over_Ceph_RGW_status_update BP, our team is building a Big Data analytics platform on top of Apache Mesos. We have developed a Apache Mesos framework to manage a Ceph cluster with all other Big Data related applications. This framework enables us to deploy Ceph within 10 seconds on a freshly installed 19 node rack since the binaries are launched within a Docker container. We plan to do more testing and share performance test results and usecase scenarios.

Work items
This blueprint does not require work items on Ceph.

Coding tasks
This blueprint does not require coding work on Ceph.

Build / release tasks
This blueprint does not require build / release related work on Ceph.

Documentation tasks
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Deprecation tasks
This blueprint does not require any deprecation on Ceph.