Working Groups

This page contains a listing of Ceph Working Groups.


This page contains a listing of Ceph meetups and logistics contacts.


This page contains mentions of Ceph in mainstream press, high profile blog posts, or other notable media.

For a list of regularly syndicated blogs featuring Ceph please check out the Ceph Planet aggregator.

Ceph User Committee

This page contains information relevant to the Ceph User Committee.


This page contains a list of people willing to present on various Ceph-related topics. If you have a meetup, tradeshow, or other event you would like Ceph expertise had feel free to contact a speaker near you to discuss particulars.

Call For Proposal Coordination

If you're proposing a talk or have an accepted talk at a conference related to Ceph content or adjacent projects of Ceph, please coordinate with the community.

Event Calendar

This page contains events happening in the Ceph community.

Ceph in Academia

This page lists Ceph's involvement in the academic community.

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