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Tasks #1418: set up a no-atomic-ops gitbuilder
Feature #2010: mon: check for slow performing osds
Feature #2108: track object states to inform error injection/testing
Feature #2111: msgr workloads
Feature #2127: Save kernel core dumps on all of our test machines
Subtask #2239: install + configure package everywhere
Feature #2283: The ceph command should time out
Feature #2472: osd: add opaque 'class <name> <foo>' cap that class can interpret/enforce
Feature #2578: rados ager
Fix #3188: osd: close read hole
Feature #3273: mon: simple dm-crypt key management
Feature #3775: log: stop logging in statfs reports usage above some threshold
Feature #4005: Add perftools to the kernel debian package script
Fix #5388: osd: localized reads (from replicas) reordered wrt writes
Bug #5634: auth startup reports "ObjectNotFound" when keyring file is unreadable
Feature #5642: Show usable space via CLI/API
Feature #5796: formatter: send output to ostream
Feature #7291: EC: add mechanism for mon to detect and whitelist EC plugins which are globally available
Cleanup #7586: deprecate rados_pool_create
Documentation #7886: What's the policy on URL stability for public documentation?
Fix #7890: erasure-code: last stripe is not truncated
Feature #8033: Epic: Kerberos/LDAP Support
Support #8462: related to integrity of objects
Fix #8739: erasure-code: use LRU to cache decoding matrix in jerasure
Bug #8741: osd: ec plugin leak
Fix #8905: msgr: encode osd epoch in nonce to avoid misc OSD reconnect races
Feature #8973: Add support for collecting usage information by namespace
Feature #9034: erasure-code: better LRC strategy
Bug #9109: ceph CLI: Help is missing -k keyring option
Feature #9161: Cache warmup and ejection
Feature #9222: annotate config options
Fix #9371: ceph should fail when an argument is of the wrong type
Fix #9601: erasure-code: ErasureCode::encode overhead is too high
Feature #9647: osd: hard cap on PGs per OSD
Support #9901: libgoogle-perftools4: tcmalloc performance regression on armhf
Feature #9947: osd: store scrub error state in kv store; clear on peering event 
Feature #9948: osd: add scrub result query interface
Feature #9949: librados: add ability to read a specific replica or shard
Feature #9950: rados: add ability to read a specific replica/shard from CLI
Feature #9951: librados, osd: per-object scrub operation
Feature #9963: librados: improve get_objects and get_position interfaces
Feature #9965: rados: new import from pipe/file
Feature #9966: librados: set user_version operation
Feature #10007: option to disable erasure code plugin version check
Documentation #10207: documentation: auth service required needs clarification
Feature #10338: ceph: 'daemon list' command to enumerate daemon sockets we can connect to
Feature #10386: add ceph-report-parsing
Fix #10391: osd: an all/mostly delete pg log stalls during peering
Subtask #10508: mon: finer-grain Paxos::is_readable() / PaxosService::is_readable()
Fix #10789: mon: refactor OSDMonitor map methods to use MonSession*, not entity_inst_t
Fix #10790: mon: move OSDMonitor osd_epoch value into MonSession
Feature #11049: msgr: optionally encrypt messenger session 
Feature #11202: add stop_scrub command for ceph
Bug #11298: aio gets EPERM when update-grub runs
Feature #11299: generic plugin loader framework
Fix #11377: ceph-disk: suppress non fatal partx errors
Cleanup #11385: Standardize Ceph removal commands
Bug #11389: should not "rm -rf /etc/ceph" when uninstalling ceph-common
Feature #11668: erasure-code: measure bandwidth usage
Documentation #11669: erasure-code: add cross datacenter example for lrc
Tasks #11831: erasure-code: add chance_test_backfill_full to ceph-qa-suite tests
Fix #11987: erasure-code: lrc k/m/l sanity check must apply to ruleset-failure-domain=osd
Fix #12049: replace snprintf(s,...); x = strlen(s); with x = snprintf...
Documentation #12052: document include/xlist.h
Feature #12221: replica read: do proper locking on replica to avoid reading during an in-progress write
Feature #12404: "ceph pool set-quota max_bytes" fails to work
Feature #12430: libmailrados: Mailbox storage on RADOS
Feature #12749: add an option for ceph_test_rados to have a very skewed distribution for accesses
Fix #12953: mon: cull / scrub unused crush rules when pools are deleted
Bug #12966: ceph-post-file key should only be readable by root
Feature #13505: scrub/repair: persist scrub results.
Fix #14362: should make librocksdb static link default in
Bug #14626: Ceph CLI + python bindings restrict string inputs to ASCII, but mon doesn't
Documentation #15182: Write Developer Guide
Bug #15289: src/test/ Hooked allocator frame not found hides error (arm64)
Documentation #15438: package to be installed needs correction
Support #17722: OSD`s doesnt start after reboot
Bug #17724: SubsystemMap.h: 62: FAILED assert(sub < m_subsys.size())
Bug #18305: ceph-osd systemd unit files incomplete
Cleanup #19654: crush: deprecate tree buckets
Feature #19975: RFE: expose OP_OMAP_RMKEYRANGE in librados and cls
Bug #20057: ceph-osd: some flags are not documented in the help output
Fix #20224: ceph-disk deactivate fails with --verbose, and error message is confusing
Feature #22512: Please support windows Server 2016
Bug #23947: ceph_test_rados dumped core, Error: finished tid 1 when last_acked_tid was 6
Documentation #24143: strongly warn against custom cluster names
Bug #24398: fails in Debian/stretch
Bug #36294: Teuthology tests using the thrasher are hitting an error using pg-upmap-items
Bug #37587: udev is not declared as a dependency, fails to deploy OSDs
Bug #38056: RDMA has an error in handle_connection func
Documentation #39008: Doc: There are no recommendations about OS for Mimic and Nautilus.
Bug #39401: backfill targets' stats.sum.num_bytes get zeroed between activation and reservation
Bug #40199: Debian Package Repositories - Missing packages in Packages file
Bug #40624: Ubuntu Bionic package index missing most packages for arm64
Bug #41054: disable "pgs not deep-scrubbed in time" message
Bug #42112: ceph-mon Illegal instruction (core dumped)
Documentation #43049: Allow User Contributed Notes in the documentation
Bug #43114: ceph_argparse: binary flags cannot have detached value
Bug #43229: SELinux denials in ceph-daemon test
Bug #43310: Ceph code doesn't have namespace
Bug #43356: [clslua] Why clslua_map_get_keys returns lua table?
Bug #43385: Monitor lookup in DNS needs to be case-insensitive
Bug #43406: unittest_confutil crashes on NON-ASCII chars
Cleanup #299: catch std::bad_alloc and die with helpful error in log on ENOMEM
Tasks #2109: qa/benchmark: Explore using Filebench for benchmarks / stress testing
Feature #2198: add an option to force a down osd to be marked immediately out
Subtask #2201: Document old design
Subtask #2203: implement new design
Feature #2362: rados: support omap (leveldb) and locator key in import/export
Tasks #2789: pkgconfig files for libraries
Feature #2934: crush: create a visualizer for crush maps
Feature #3080: rados: support asynchronous replication of some sort
Feature #3249: Efficient access in distributed data centers
Feature #3355: make Ceph build faster, take less RAM to compile
Feature #3448: Minimize recovery time of a degraded cluster
Feature #3511: figure out how to best set the heartbeat grace periods
Feature #3805: log: detect dup messages
Feature #4239: Automatically determine routing data based on host routing data (entirely deprecate public/cluster explicit specification)
Feature #4278: add ability to make ceph ignore io errors for non-meta/internal data
Feature #4516: qa: add test to compile a simple program against librados, librbd, and libcephfs
Fix #4712: recovery from partially partitioned networks
Bug #4733: Decode exception descriptions don't show function name
Feature #4781: Journal entries should record last known committed entry
Feature #4903: OpTracker: support hierarchies of request classes
Feature #4986: create and automate scenario based testing
Feature #5041: Deep scrub CPU limit behavior
Feature #5042: Backport option to disable deep scrub to bobtail
Tasks #5123: document src/objclass/objclass.h
Feature #5141: Some clone errors aren't repaired
Feature #5143: objclass: maintain global namespaces
Feature #5148: repair should handle snapset/clone discrepancies
Feature #5158: Objecter: support multi-read-from-replica
Fix #5279: pipeline large object recovery
Feature #5419: cephtool: sanitize extra args before configuring cluster handle
Tasks #6185: expand upgrade tests to be able to test downgrade
Feature #6198: packaging, admin_socket: create ceph group, make socket be group writable
Feature #6221: Objecter,OSD: make it easy to determine when the network is misbehaving
Feature #6227: make osd crush placement on startup handle multiple trees (e.g., ssd + sas)
Fix #6527: backfill_toofull => try backfilling another replica
Feature #6568: ceph-rest-api authentication
Feature #6687: Ability to set up/down/in/out based on CRUSH hierarchy
Feature #6759: Allow partial dump of pg statistics
Cleanup #6766: keyring leading spaces
Feature #6924: Add a new Info state to ceph health
Feature #7104: rest-api: support commands requiring 'w' cap without 'rw' cap
Feature #7108: build: error out on inappropriate use of dout()
Feature #7114: Hinted recovery
Feature #7196: qa: test encoding semantics, not just being able to decode/encode different versions
Feature #7287: Make units of measurement constant and definable in ceph commands
Cleanup #7314: remove dead code from OSDMonitor::should_propose
Feature #7347: Per CRUSH type mon_osd_down_out_interval
Bug #7407: Illogical defaults in Python bindings: conffile=None loads no config, conffile='' loads config from default path
Feature #7484: better wording when authentication fails
Feature #7700: Create a health severity between OK and WARN
Fix #7711: OpTracker output doesn't include op size for subops
Feature #7723: Cancel RADOS Bench writes and still do reads
Tasks #7864: please clarify copyright and the license
Feature #7884: investigate having the messenger (or dispatch q?) in the osd limit the number/cost of outstanding client IO requests
Feature #8189: ceph: display tier relationships visually
Feature #8195: shorten window of highest risk during recovery
Feature #8348: include "ChangeLog" and/or "NEWS" files to release tarball
Feature #8546: add nonce/sequence number associating the several pg metadata keys which are always updated atomically
Cleanup #8590: better error reporting from ceph-disk
Tasks #8637: leveldb: initial inquiries on how we can improve leveldb
Feature #8965: Improve threading for ObjectCacher
Feature #8992: Uniqueness between two or more CRUSH ruleset choose statements
Feature #9097: request for tools/commands to see hits/misses on cache pools
Feature #9305: erasure-code: cache minimum-to-decode results
Feature #9306: erasure-code: optimize IsReadablePredicate to check data chunks instead of just rec_pred
Feature #9383: admin socket: allow multiple pending requests
Feature #9410: Crush optimization for unbalanced data/pg distribution
Feature #9431: mon: audit read-only commands on a lower level than default
Fix #9484: OSD: block until we have the same map as the client on pg commands
Fix #9566: osd: prioritize recovery of OSDs with most work to do
Feature #9594: stop backfill when osd becomes too full
Cleanup #9600: rework bufferlist::*aligned* functions
Fix #9689: ceph df reports % of global size used instead of MAX AVAIL 0.80.6
Cleanup #9756: Issues found by Clang
Fix #9767: do not leak ceph-disk activate lock to the OSD
Feature #9776: try to make address sanitizer work
Fix #9778: forbid erasure code profile modifications that can modify data encoding
Feature #9792: make it harder to remove cluster data pools
Feature #9802: When replaced a disk, the CRUSH weight of the related host changed
Cleanup #9930: gtest: update, move to submodule
Subtask #9931: create selinux policies for ceph-mon, ceph-osd, ceph-mds
Feature #9943: osd: mark pg and use replica on EIO from client read
Support #10024: Cluster unreachable after restart
Feature #10044: ECUtil::HashInfoRef should have a NONE value
Feature #10054: OSD level metadata mismatch handling
Feature #10055: PG metadata corruption detection and handling
Feature #10056: Object metadata mismatch detection and handling
Cleanup #10094: Create new git repo for json_spirit
Cleanup #10110: librados: mark old objects_begin interface deprecated
Fix #10244: double resource for setting up ceph-deploy
Feature #10254: mon,osd: long-term non-clean PGs prevent osdmap trimming
Feature #10300: Per-pool PG recovery prioritisation
Feature #10457: Permanently mark daemons and clusters which use experimental features
Support #10486: OSD Keeps Going Down
Feature #10742: Initial pg_num choice is static, different from other default setting
Feature #10759: rados command line gives no access to striper API
Bug #10763: OSDs get marked as down in docker
Feature #10786: cache pool: try not to keep around very old whiteout objects even if there is no cache pressure
Feature #10796: Schedule scrubbing by considering PG's last_scrub_timestamp globally
Feature #10865: Handle delete log entries in merge_log out of band without blocking peering
Feature #10866: replicas need to track unstable objects to properly support replica reads
Fix #10877: CLI error numbers are not described anywhere
Feature #10917: mon add check to verify compatible version when joining cluster
Feature #10941: Generic support for plugins installation and upgrade
Fix #10943: invalid syntax in Apache config file examples
Fix #10991: docs: federated rgw setup needs to be trimmed
Fix #10992: docs: federated rgw setup keyring section should come earlier
Fix #10993: docs: federated rgw setup create-pools section should specify what a user should create
Fix #10994: docs: federated rgw setup create pools section should explain what ruleset-number is
Fix #10995: docs: federated rgw setup create pools section should explain the need for dotted names
Fix #11002: docs: federated rgw setup uses Debian-based locations/commands
Fix #11003: docs: federated rgw setup assumes that the user has setup an RGW instance already
Fix #11004: docs: federated rgw setup doesn't warn about FastCgiWrapper
Fix #11005: docs: federated rgw setup needs to normalize variable names in example configs
Fix #11006: docs: federated rgw setup assumes user is proficient in ceph-deploy
Fix #11007: docs: federated rgw setup is not explicit about short hostname needs
Fix #11008: docs: federated rgw setup should post example commands for confirmation
Feature #11017: Improve scrubbing throutput
Feature #11024: throttle objects and bytes / second for scrub/deepscrub
Feature #11025: ceph health warn if pgs are not being scrubbed quickly enough for the scrub intervals
Feature #11028: LMDB key/value backend for Ceph
Feature #11094: New feature : Ceph should warn if the kernel is not turned for CEPH OSD daemons
Feature #11109: move ceph-deploy(8) man page into ceph-deploy package
Fix #11116: ceph-disk breaks when using non-existing disks
Feature #11207: mons: add switch to never delete pools, only rename (pool foo->deleted_foo?).
Feature #11240: make sure notcmalloc builds continue working
Feature #11268: erasure-code: hitchhiker plugin
Feature #11362: test: verify that expected feature bits are present in a cluster
Feature #11403: add a command to the ceph tool which returns whether there are pending pg removals on any osd
Feature #11443: Elector: throttle election attempts from DoSing peers
Feature #11521: Certain configuration options not safe for production builds
Feature #11525: improve OPTION macro to add a check function for invalid options.
Feature #11544: add HELP command to ceph interactive shell
Bug #11580: pg a copy_from->pg b peered (blocked on backfill blocked on local reservation)->pg a backfill holding local reservation blocked on copy_from blocked obc
Feature #11600: OSD: ensure that filestore queue_transaction never blocks
Feature #11631: msgr: throttle max open sockets
Feature #11633: mon: automatically blacklist clients after failed auth attempts
Feature #11689: change ceph-mon TCP port to an IANA-registered port
Fix #11820: Show osd as NONE in "ceph osd map <pool> <object> " output
Feature #11823: Workqueue timeouts and the filestore sync_entry timeout should log something descriptive at derr log level when exceeded
Feature #11837: mon: add ability to gradually remove an osd
Tasks #11847: OSD crashes under cached cluster benchmark
Feature #11904: ceph-cli: let "ceph report" support compressed json dump
Feature #11943: erasure code plugin for tornado code
Support #12085: data is no well-distributed among osds of host with staw algorithm
Cleanup #12126: Does the ceph debian package really need binutils?
Support #12177: removing cached objects doesn't quickly remove tiered ec objects
Feature #12233: init scripts: try to detect when a daemon named in ceph.conf is duplicating one whose folder is "managed"
Tasks #12260: Messenger: use setsocketopt to set sk priority field based on message priority prior to sending each message
Feature #12403: Implement a minimal access keyring for read-only access on a Ceph cluster
Feature #12406: Support for building on Alpine Linux
Bug #12431: Please publish rados-java artifacts to central maven repository, unable to load Rados Library
Support #12468: Why copy a 3T image without any data takes 99 minutes?
Feature #12514: PGMonitor::get_health get ops' blocked the detail information, show too much
Support #12760: FileSystem become read-only after over 6 hour massive read and write
Tasks #12797: create the upgrade test suite for gmt and sortbitmap change
Feature #12864: Make "rados bench" support json output
Feature #12915: Translate fadvise flag NOCACHE into DONTNEED if first access object
Cleanup #12961: OSDMonitor refactor
Fix #13005: compile warning on gcc-4.8.3
Feature #13073: automatically set journal file name as osd.{osd-num} with ceph-deploy.
Feature #13084: ceph-disk: will not work with an software array (md) as journal destination
Feature #13120: osd: prioritize more degraded PGs for recovery by considering the missing_loc of the PG
Feature #13163: Add flag to delete a pool and its cache tier.
Cleanup #13179: ceph-disk: use systemd-escape instead of hardcoded translation
Bug #13312: ceph-authtool(8) doesn't mention namespace
Feature #13319: ceph-objectstore-tool: add feature to adjust object_info size
Feature #13358: OSD assert with 'Current_Pending_Sector'
Feature #13419: On osd startup we should log all configuration settings
Feature #13459: librados: c + python api for list_snaps()
Feature #13506: scrub/repair: add librados APIs
Feature #13509: add checksum for the decode/encode
Feature #13521: AsyncMessenger: Support memory pool per worker
Tasks #13617: Async support for Ceph-fio-objectstore
Tasks #13618: objectstore_bench did not support newstore
Feature #13641: osd assert is too crudely, maybe notify mon before quit is better.
Cleanup #13941: Create can_discard_op_initial_decode and can_discard_op_final_decode to distinguish tests which require the op to be fully decoded
Support #13951: ceph-disk list not support ID_PART_ENTRY_* fields
Feature #14031: EC overwrites
Feature #14033: Activation support for EC Overwrites
Feature #14035: EC overwrites -- cleanup of ReplicatedPG::do_op to actually allow the new writes
Feature #14036: EC overwrites: PGBackend needs to be replumbed to support overwrites
Feature #14037: PGBackend: add a way for the Backend to notify ReplicatedPG that a version has been applied
Feature #14038: ECBackend: delay writes which cause a clone to be created on an object with unapplied writes while those applies are forced
Feature #14039: ECBackend cache extents with unapplied writes
Feature #15621: EC Overwrites: create temporary testing pool flag for enabling ec supporting features
Feature #15623: EC Overwrites: ECBackend TPC support
Feature #17156: update ec overwrites implementation to support truncate
Feature #17157: update ec overwrites implementation to support zero
Feature #14032: EC Overwrites: Phase 2: Peering support for ec overwrites
Feature #14034: EC Overwrites: Phase 2: PGLog support for recording participants
Feature #15622: performance counters for ECbackend cache
Feature #17158: EC Overwrites: work out implications of recovery below min_size pushing the can_rollback_to line forward
Feature #17500: updated ec overwrites to support fadvise
Feature #17501: ec overwrites write zeroes efficiently
Feature #17651: EC Overwrites: Missing Test Case: aligned writes
Feature #17652: EC Overwrites: Missing Test Case: multiple writes, single operation
Feature #17653: EC Overwrites: Missing Test Case: zero
Fix #14083: degrade a log message to a default level
Bug #14093: scripts/ceph-release-notes does not handle merge description
Feature #14104: add backfill targets to osd stats and a way to dump all osd stats to json
Feature #14183: Show the totall pg on each osd.
Cleanup #14202: the method 'Message::decode_message' is too long
Feature #14216: Show the pool quota info on ceph df detial command
Cleanup #14334: Crush when get immediate parent quickly reply.
Feature #14346: Command to override Incomplete PGs
Feature #13508: scrub/repair: repair corrupted/missing objects
Bug #14366: unsafe handle_conf_change() methods
Feature #14416: Write software version to data store after successful start
Documentation #14439: ceph-crush-location manpage missing
Support #14448: Installation (Quick) mount disk question
Feature #14454: mon: report pool deletion in "ceph -w"
Support #14588: Can't add new osd an existing cluster.
Cleanup #14833: move rados-classes from /usr/lib to /usr/lib/ceph
Feature #14852: Make SOCKET_BACKLOG configurable
Fix #14932: Improve ceph-disk error message when there is not enough space to create journal partition
Feature #15157: osd: try to flush/evict object from cache tier based on time period
Bug #15203: NEON error when building ceph on ARM v7 targets
Bug #15385: uniquely identify /tmp build directories
Feature #15420: Enhance KeyValueDB to include atomic operator merge capability.
Feature #15433: CAS Pools
Feature #15434: Tiering: Object Redirects
Feature #15751: Faster Peering -- primary remember infos/missings across interval if the primary doesn't change
Feature #15788: Add --wait-for-complete flag to ceph pg scrub (and repair, and deep-scrub)
Feature #15790: general pg inconsistency report
Feature #15873: choose randomly among 3 different filestore_merge_threshhold/filestore_split_multiple values on osd startup in the qa suite
Feature #15878: modify ceph-qa-suite to use tc to inject delays and resets for ceph daemon connections
Support #15914: unit files missing after upgrade 10.2.1
Feature #16018: Use power crc32-vpmsum to accelerate crc32c performance on power8 platform
Documentation #16021: OS Recommendations do not handle distribution-included packages well
Bug #16131: messenger only uses IPv4 address of hostname
Feature #16170: print out error on failure to load OSDMap in OSD::init -- EPERM and ENOENT should get specific messages explaining what happened
Tasks #16174: SMR Benchmarking Scripts and libzbc code merge
Feature #16180: AIO version of selfmanaged_snap_create/selfmanaged_snap_remove
Feature #16261: ceph-objectstore-tool shouldn't fully lock the osd when performing read-only operations
Support #16281: Lost xattr from all osd's
Feature #16310: Take pipe::connect() returned errno to rados_connect() Part2 of
Feature #16361: usability: allow decreasing pg_num when pg_num > pgp_num
Feature #16462: Include more detail in perf dump
Feature #16562: rados put: use the FULL_TRY flag to report errors when cluster is full
Feature #16566: rados CLI's "rmomapkey" and "setomapval" should support binary keys
Feature #16681: Creating EC pool using replicated ruleset should perhaps require a force flag
Fix #16746: Fix the Ceph and Ceph UT compiling error in AArm64
Feature #16758: HEALTH_ERR status is misleading
Bug #16786: Compiling with --without-cython seems to produce an entirely broken Ceph CLI, but the Ceph CLI still gets installed.
Feature #16885: ceph should warn the administrator when it fails to open log_file for writing
Fix #16912: Jewel ceph-dbg packages are missing for Debian-based distributions
Feature #17071: Can't get pool's cache mode parameter via "ceph osd pool get"
Feature #17166: Accelerate crush_do_rule with SIMD
Fix #17433: [systemd]: Ceph doesn`t remove symlinks for systemd services
Cleanup #17535: using RPC to eliminate complexity of network
Feature #17597: leader should recognize its own clock skew instead of assuming the whole cluster is skewed
Feature #17700: osd: add an interface to allow an object class to generate a warning in the central log
Feature #17714: reweight-by-utilization needs a subtree option
Tasks #17759: test radosgw with messenger failure injection and very short logs (osd min pg log entries = 10, osd max pg log entries = 20)
Feature #17761: Support creating objects without network traffic
Feature #17796: osdmap calculation frequency option request
Support #17892: frequent blocked request impacting Ceph client IO
Feature #18052: Replace past_intervals with more compact structure
Feature #18160: support shared ccache dirs across users
Feature #18167: ceph df should show correct pool usage
Feature #18168: readline isn't configured or installed in ceph cli
Feature #18267: ceph-disk may use blivet
Feature #18394: Add S3 lifecycle configuration validate
Feature #18400: Have OSD mark itself down while still running
Feature #18438: Configurable OSD Heartbeat packet size (MTU)
Feature #18486: RGW: Create users with a tenant via the admin ops api
Support #18506: Where physically stored http headers for the location of the file in the ceph?
Feature #18541: Support lifecycle validate in s3test
Bug #18745: Python librados OmapIterator segfaults if used before op
Feature #18851: Ability to add comments in certain views of Ceph daemons or status
Feature #18966: Add mon_osd_down_out_subtree_max_osd
Feature #18978: ceph-disk: Implement easy replace of OSD
Documentation #19238: librados python binding reference is not autogenerated
Cleanup #19284: Script to find broken URLs in Ceph source code.
Feature #19310: Output only the latest require_{release}_osds flag
Feature #19381: ceph_objectstore_tool,rados tool: add commands to both for exporting and importing a specified object to and from a common format
Feature #19441: Merge snapshot of the cloned image back to the parent image
Support #19548: 'journaling' feature affects write bandwidth
Feature #19703: If there is one FULL OSD, All IO the the cluster will be halted(read only).
Feature #19799: Expose snap trim speed along with client and recovery IO rates
Tasks #19973: detect broken links in documentation automatically
Bug #20233: Cannot remove striped object
Feature #20300: run as part of make check
Fix #20305: ceph osd new -i should read from stdin
Fix #20306: ceph-disk should use the python random function
Feature #20311: mon/test: increase coverage of test-mon-msg
Feature #20312: give scrub a start_time property
Feature #20324: Change default filestore 'omap' backend to 'rocksdb' from 'leveldb'
Support #20391: cluster health is ok, but client IO hang with 100% utils of ssd disk
Feature #20553: Devuan support
Cleanup #20685: Remove ceph_osd_mkfs function from src/ceph-disk/ceph_disk/
Fix #20695: [File not found]
Cleanup #20698: Constants in code should be replaced with MACRO
Feature #20768: Add API to cancel AIO requiest (for RBD and for Rados). Both for C and for Python.
Feature #20786: ceph df should report %USED and MAX AVAIL taking quota into account
Fix #20868: optimize some timer
Cleanup #21075: Creating type alias for complex type definitions
Support #21589: ceph 12.2.0 health check failed osd down
Feature #21703: discover ip node in ceph cluster
Bug #21747: Ceph ISCSI Gateway: required rpm packages not available for CentOS 7.4
Feature #21824: RDMA Direct Memory Operations
Support #21913: Ceph cluster capacity much small than it should be
Support #21926: How to recover the EC-encoded object/file from the original files that saved in the disk?
Support #21933: OSDs consumes around 50% CPU on idle cluster
Documentation #22160: docs: Cache Tier page has not been updated for Luminous
Bug #22784: Key exported from auth keyring is not imported properly
Bug #22944: Infiniband send_msg send returned error 32: (32) Broken pipe
Fix #22958: rados object command get/put run wrong without filename
Support #23331: make vstart fails - building ceps cluster
Bug #23374: --localize-reads doc and help
Bug #23449: ceph-detect-init test case failed in docker env
Feature #23476: Add more cmake options to support building against system libraries
Cleanup #23551: Inconsistent graylog option naming
Support #23822: s390x support in ceph
Bug #23856: lz4 fails to compile with clang
Bug #23889: fix upgrade doc section to point to release notes
Bug #24046: Address min_size inconsistency in docs
Documentation #24147: --osd-objectstore is undocumented
Bug #24326: Can not install LTS Ceph (Luminous) on current Ubuntu LTS (bionic 18.04)
Bug #24445: Monitor election continues for 10 minutes and Ceph cluster at inaccessible state
Bug #24567: fix a race between Thread::create and Thread::set_ioprio
Bug #24569: Fix outorder between Thread::create and Thread::set_ioprio
Bug #24626: Depending on the distro a package change breaks
Bug #26993: Possible rbd snapshot race with 13.2.1 causes missing SharedBlob error and OSD corruption
Bug #36324: debian packages seem to overdo logrotate: ceph, ceph-base and ceph-common all try to rotate same logs
Bug #36624: Ceph assert when enable SPDK with 64Kb kernel page size
Bug #37373: Interactive mode CLI with Python 3: Traceback when pressing ^D
Bug #37707: fails on centos 7.6
Bug #37712: Failed to execute command: systemctl enable ceph-mgr@
Bug #37771: Warn the user when different version of boost is used
Bug #37869: Missing libboost package for arm64 on ubuntu Bionic
Bug #37878: cannot build rpm, ceph-volume fails the build
Bug #37887: Confusing response when changing live config values
Bug #38035: cli incorrectly reports about missing keyring (No such file or directory)
Documentation #38061: Ceph Blog - new-luminous-erasure-coding-rbd-cephfs
Cleanup #38088: Add dependencies for missing Python packages
Cleanup #38089: add mgr plugin packages to qa/packages/packages.yaml once they have dependencies
Bug #38145: /usr/bin/ld: bad reloc symbol index
Bug #38174: fail to pass params monmaptool correctly with --msgr21
Documentation #38253: doc: Documentation about daemon restart with SELinux
Bug #38388: "failed to create directory via template '/cephtool.XXX': Permission denied" in rados
Bug #38680: Update documentation for installing monitors
Bug #38732: RDMA support of non-SQL qp is broken
Bug #38790: mimic: In function ‘rte_table_hash_cuckoo_create’: incompatible pointer type ‘rte_table_hash_op_hash’
Bug #39139: Wrong order of Environment evaluation in systemd unit file
Bug #39163: "MaxWhileTries: reached maximum tries (500) after waiting for 3000 seconds" in luminous-x/nautilus
Bug #39391: Debian/Ubuntu librados2 package does not have symlink
Bug #39643: make jemalloc/tcmalloc work.
Bug #39751: nautilus: Number of objects in a pool doubled after pg merge
Bug #40068: High CPU load using Ceph Nautilus in Rook
Bug #40194: Segmentation fault (core dumped) in upgrade:client-upgrade-kraken-luminous
Documentation #40291: reformat release schedule page
Bug #41003: In the environment with EC rule and repliaction rule, balancer was turned on and ceph cluster was repeatedly recovered.
Support #41008: POOL 100% USED with 17TB available raw space
Bug #41030: [bug] KRBD fail when ceph set wrong compression
Bug #41043: ceph memory leak?
Bug #41535: Trying to upgrade from Ceph Mimic to Nautilus can fail
Bug #41608: ceph_test_msgr: file INSTALL cannot copy file
Bug #41717: ceph::buffer::end_of_buffer isn't caught in void KeyRing::decode(bufferlist::const_iterator& bl)
Feature #41777: ceph-osd does not start correctly OSDs if journal are directly-linked partition
Bug #42275: need to compile DPDK with NUMA support in Ceph
Tasks #42276: gorados - pure go client to connect RADOS cluster
Documentation #42282: Cluster usage stats overview is out of date
Feature #42286: Introduction of tier local mode
Bug #42585: Need to stop ceph daemons from picking some special network interfaces
Bug #42761: systemd restarts OSD too fast after failure
Support #20994: 64pgs are in active+remapped state after initial deployment following official ceph deployment guide
Bug #21024: Perfcounters: wrong latency information from admin socket
Bug #38675: Les OSD ne redémarrent pas tous après l'upgrade des serveurs du cluster ceph de Ubuntu 14.04 à Ubuntu 16.04
Support #21418: failed in cmake
Documentation #21018: Manual deployment does not work in luminous
Support #21208: Negative Runway in BlueFS?
Bug #21245: target_max_bytes doesn't limit a tiering pool
Bug #38005: _scan_snaps no head for <object>
Feature #38708: Rados import is potentially dangerous and should need confirmation
Bug #23417: Building Ceph on armhf fails due to a bunch of errors
Bug #23831: bucket policy ipdeny not in effect
Bug #24421: async messager thread cpu high, osd service not normal until restart
Documentation #37874: Update OS Recommendations page for Mimic
Bug #37657: Command failed on smithi075 with status 1: 'sudo yum install -y kernel'
Bug #38144: nautilus: 14.0.1 build fails in fedora rawhide mass rebuild w/ gcc/g++ 9
Bug #38767: upgrading ceph packages always triggers a service restart
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