Non-Functional Tests


For a particular hardware and cluster setup, we can reasonably expect some baseline behavior from Ceph. For example, that it scales linearly, or that it has certain availability properties. Non-functional testing refers to this type of tests and this blueprint proposes their addition.


Ivo Jimenez (UC Santa Cruz / RedHat)

Interested Parties

Ivo Jimenez (UC Santa Cruz / RedHat)

Current Status

There are currently only functional tests in the code base (AFAIK).

Detailed Description

This might be doable by adding new teuthology tests that check high level assertions. It might require the execution of some benchmarks and checking validations over the output data of such benchmarks. At UCSC, we have developed a tool to codify and check this type of validations called Aver . Aver provides a language that can be used to express validation statements against performance metrics. Check our tech report which includes an example of testing the scalability properties of Ceph (Section 4 of PDF file).

Work items

Coding tasks

Either integrate Aver or implement another validator over benchmarking output data
Define tests for particular setups: scalability, recovery, performance

Documentation tasks

Add documentation on how non-functional testing works in Ceph (either teuthology)
Add instructions on how to add new tests

summer_project.pdf (225 KB) Ivo Jimenez, 07/01/2015 05:07 PM