Ceph User Committee


The Ceph user community has grown to a point where we want to meet and exchange our experience.
Not just online during the Ceph Developer Summit or during international conferences such as the
OpenStack summit or the Linux Foundation conferences. But also during loosely organized local meetups.
Part of the user committee mission would be to organize these meetings.

As more Ceph production environments are set up, the user committee could also reach out to interview
the organizations and publish the use cases to inspire others.

The evolution of the Ceph software is currently relying mostly on the ability of Inktank to
take into account the needs of their customers. The user committee could publish the desired future features and roadmap.
It could be things like erasure code or tiering ( which are scheduled for Firefly ) because they have market value in addition to being
generaly useful. It could also be features that have only marginal market value but matter to the general
public such as a fully functional and 100% Free Software Ceph production environment.


Interested Parties

Current Status

The idea emerged from a conversation during the OpenStack summit and was discussed on the ceph user mailing list. There has been enough interest to move forward. The mission statement is going to be discussed before the CDS, based on the detailed description below. The CDS session is going to be a kind of light general assembly where interested parties could confirm their involvement to act according to the mission statement.

Detailed Description

The User Committee is an independant group of Ceph users who elects a board of their peers to represent and defend their interests in accordance to the following mission statement:
  • Organize meetups, events, booth, talks... : Meeting in person is a useful way to exchange experience and tips, to discover new ways to use Ceph. The User Committee helps with the logistic. It is also responsible for maintaining a calendar of upcoming events.
  • Collect use cases and user stories : A diverse collection of existing use cases is a precious source of inspiration. The User Committe approaches users and conduct interviews. A well articulated user story that describes how Ceph could be used in the future is an effective way for developers to figure out what should be included in the roadmap. The User Committee will organize user stories published in a wiki and sort them according to their popularity.
  • Focus on the Free and Open Source ecosystem : Ceph is included in proprietary solutions used by a growing number of companies to run successfull commercial activities. Their ecosystem is not in the scope of the User Committee. The User Committee focus on the Open standards, formats, Free and Open Source software that can be assembled with Ceph and allow users to freely use, modify, distribute and study.
  • Maintain Community Infrastructure
    • Website : Although some parts of are maintained by Ceph developers ( such as ) the User Committee is expected to maintain
    • Social Media : Determine how the community will interact with twitter/facebook/google+
    • Wiki : A complete IA overhaul and data cleanup would be great, but at the very least the Ceph community should help maintain the press page and event info here.
    • Aggregate Information : Should we create a "" list/alias so that people have an easy way to contribute information to be replicated on social media/website/etc?
    • IRC Channel Ops : Right now Ops are Inktank employees and +v are community support volunteers. User committee should help w/ Op to maintain ban list and topic
    • Mailing List : Right now Inktank moderates and manages all of the ceph lists. Should the community be involved in helping to moderate

Work items

  1. Organize events : at least three meetups + one booth ( Loic )
  2. Publish use cases : at least one ( Loic )
  3. Publish user stories : ( ??? )
  1. Reach consensus on the mission statement ( Loic )
  2. Recruit active members of the User Committee ( ??? )
  3. Announce the existence of the User Committee after the CDS ( Loic )
  4. Organize the first election ( ??? )
  1. Update the event page to reflect the current events ( Loic ) updated 13/11/2013
  2. Update ( ??? )
  3. The user committee now has oversight on and will be proposing updates and changes to the community via ( DONE )