Fix memory leaks


Ceph has several major memory leaks which should be fixed.


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Interested Parties

  • Danny Al-Gaaf
  • Haomai Wang

Current Status

0.56.4 is still affected by major memory leaks in osd and (not so badly) monitor.

Detailed Description

Ceph has several major memory leaks, even when running without any crashes/ recovery. Fixing these should have a very high priority as this can easily kill whole machines (or crash services due to oom) or even the whole cluster. It should also be documented how users could report memory leak so that devs can fix them. This can include how to start ceph, which options to set so that it produces logs/ dumps which can be analysed. Probably it should also be documented what the expected memory footprint and how the configuration affects memory requirements - like do more osds, monitors, fio/op threads affected memory consumption per monitor/ osd?

Work items