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06:15 PM Linux kernel client Bug #36747: RBD Unmap Hang
gdb shows the userspace stack, so you never saw the kernel stack. If it happens again, do "cat /proc/<rbd unmap pid>...
05:06 PM Linux kernel client Bug #36747: RBD Unmap Hang
Cliff Pajaro wrote:
> I see the write occurring multiple times a second.
Just clarifying, did you see the _same_ ...
04:51 PM Linux kernel client Bug #36747: RBD Unmap Hang
What do you mean by repeatedly? Do you see the same "rbd unmap" process calling write(2) multiple times as opposed t...
01:33 PM Linux kernel client Bug #36747: RBD Unmap Hang
A bunch of blocked "rbd unmap" processes is unlikely to be the cause of high CPU utilization. They appear to be bloc...


02:14 PM Ceph Revision 44dd1def (ceph): include/ceph_features: note kernel versions some features appear
"X" means that the feature bit has been advertised and supported since
kernel X. It should be possible to use the ke...
01:12 PM Ceph Revision fa65651f (ceph): Merge pull request #24966 from daixiang0/correct-rbytes-description
doc: correct rbytes description
Reviewed-by: Ilya Dryomov <>


06:09 PM Ceph Revision cefbc82e (ceph): test/log: drop redundant test case
After the recent logging rework, ManyGatherLog and
ManyGatherLogStringAssign are identical barring the string.
06:09 PM Ceph Revision 5f25c0ab (ceph): common/StackStringStream: don't reserve before every insert
Unlike ConcreteEntry, MutableEntry can be appended to. Reserving the
exact number of elements before every append is...
03:22 PM Ceph Revision 8807af32 (ceph): qa/tasks/cram: tasks now must live in the repository
Commit 0d8887652d53 ("qa/tasks/cram: use suite_repo repository for all
cram jobs") removed hardcoded lin...
03:22 PM Ceph Revision 80f9a6cc (ceph): qa/tasks/workunit: factor out overrides and refspec logic
Allow for reuse in the cram task.
Signed-off-by: Ilya Dryomov <>
(cherry picked from commit e1c89b...

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