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09:30 AM rgw Bug #52339: rgw upgrade 14.2.22 slow requests
Maximilian, are you indeed enabling keystone auth? `rgw_s3_auth_use_keystone = true`
By default this is disabled.


02:31 PM Ceph Bug #52622 (Won't Fix): nautilus build fails on centos stream 8
octopus builds just fine on Stream 8 as of today.
We found that this PR is missing from nautilus: https://github.c...


06:35 PM Ceph Bug #52622 (Won't Fix): nautilus build fails on centos stream 8
Our nautilus builds on stream 8 started failing recently. Is it because Stream 8 recently moved to nspr 4.32 ?
We ha...


05:22 PM CephFS Bug #51866 (Can't reproduce): mds daemon damaged after outage
> rados_osd_op_timeout: 30
yeah that'll do it. thanks for clarifying the root cause!


03:05 PM CephFS Fix #52591 (New): mds: mds_oft_prefetch_dirfrags = false is not qa tested
We'd like to use `mds_oft_prefetch_dirfrags = false` in production; in our tests it demonstrates a massive speedup wh...


08:30 AM Ceph Bug #52392: crashes rebooting colocated mds/mgr with mon at boot
mgr crash above is a dup of #51756
08:28 AM CephFS Bug #51756: crash: std::_Rb_tree_insert_and_rebalance(bool, std::_Rb_tree_node_base*, std::_Rb_tr...
For context, we hit this nearly every time we stop an active MDS in 14.2.20. (We see the #52207 variant of this).


07:39 AM rbd Feature #50973 (Pending Backport): rbd-mirrror: expose perf dump info for snapshot replayer


03:37 PM CephFS Bug #51866: mds daemon damaged after outage
David Piper wrote:
> Do the pgs need to be `active+clean` or are there other pg states that it would be safe to star...
02:06 PM CephFS Bug #52406: cephfs_metadata pool got full after upgrade from Nautilus to Pacific 16.2.5
Same as ?

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