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2014-07-16 ZD Net Red Hat releases Inktank Ceph Enterprise 1.2 This new release, according to Red Hat, comes "with new features to help customers store and manage an entire spectrum of data — from 'hot' mission-critical data to 'cold' archival data." This acquisition, and its quick release, is all part of Red Hat's plans to become a cloud power.
2014-05-06 The Register Inktank's founder blabs to El Reg about Ceph's ERASURE TIERS Red Hat may have just agreed to buy Ceph-backer Inktank, but that hasn't slowed down the open source project. Late Monday or early Tuesday morning, Ceph's main developer Inktank will release "Firefly", the 0.80 release of the open source Ceph object store and filesystem.
2014-04-30 ZDNet
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Red Hat to Acquire Inktank, Provider of Ceph "We're thrilled to welcome Inktank to the Red Hat family. They have built an incredibly vibrant community that will continue to be nurtured as we work together to make open the de facto choice for software-defined storage. Inktank has done a brilliant job assembling a strong ecosystem around Ceph and we look forward to expanding on this success together."
2014-04-25 Sys-con Inktank: Living in a Multi-Petabyte World "Inktank Ceph Enterprise is certified to provide storage for RHEL-OSP, Red Hat's OpenStack distribution, and RHEV, Red Hat's enterprise virtualization product. Our relationship is necessary to deliver and support the fully-integrated solutions our customers are asking for!"
2014-04-22 vmblog Red Hat Summit Survey: 62 Percent Using Open Source Storage Solutions "The on-site survey polled IT executives,
storage architects, development managers, developers and engineers, operations and quality assurance and other business stakeholders."
2014-04-14 Inktank Revolutionizes Software Storage with an Open Source-Based Platform "Businesses today have multiple software applications and vast quantities of company data, both of which require ample repository space. Software-defined
storage vendor Inktank is helping businesses alleviate that burden with a software storage system based on the open-source project Ceph, which provides a more flexible, cluster-based software storage alternative to your standard hardware storage."
2014-04-10 Silicon Angle The Next Generation Data Center: fully open sourced "In sum, we are almost at the point where an IT department can be running 100 percent open source in the data center, with all the benefits of no vendor lock-in, cost savings and rapid innovation that have characterized the disruptions that Linux and MySQL brought to the operating system and database. As an industry, we just need to begin to assemble the puzzle pieces."
2014-03-05 Computer Weekly Scale-out set to eclipse scale-up for enterprise storage "As computing evolves to hyperscale, we may well have seen the end of scale-up storage systems. The transition will take some time, but the storage landscape of 20 years’ time will be very different from todays."
2014-02-14 Inside BigData Interview: Inktank Joins Forces with Open Source Mainstays Red Hat and OpenStack "Because Inktank was founded by the creators of Ceph, our relationship with the Ceph community is very special! Over the past few years, we’ve been pleased to watch the community become larger and more diverse. We take our contribution to Ceph very seriously, and dedicate the majority of our engineering resources towards the project."
2014-02-07 OStatic Ceph Storage Gets Solid Endorsement, Certification from Red Hat "Ceph, an open source, software-defined storage system that is starting to make a big impact in cloud deployments, is already well-known to many Ubuntu Linux users and administrators. Now, with a new version 1.1 of Ceph Enterprise it's also certified for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform."
2014-02-05 The VAR Guy Inktank Storage System Adds Red Hat Certification "Inktank's certification of its flagship enterprise product to work with RHEL doesn't mean Red Hat will stop supporting Gluster. But it is a sign that the Ceph ecosystem, and Inktank's engagement across the channel, are growing broader and more diverse."
2014-02-04 Red Hat's Role in the Cloud, List of Partners Grow "Inktank Ceph Enterprise combines the most stable version of Inktank's Ceph -- a massively scalable, open source, software-defined system for object and block storage -- with a graphical manager, enhanced integration tools and support services. In addition to RHEL OpenStack compatibility, Inktank now also supports Red Hat's Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) commercial hypervisor product."
2014-02-04 eWeek Inktank Deepens Red Hat Integration in New Ceph Enterprise Release "Inktank Ceph Enterprise’s storage technology enables enterprises to become cost-efficient and cloud-ready by offering full integrations with OpenStack, Apache CloudStack and common hypervisors, access to modern management tools, and the ability to consolidate storage infrastructure."
2014-02-04 Forbes Inktank Deepens Ceph Ecosystem With Latest Release "Ceph Enterprise has been certified to work with red Hat’s own OpenStack distribution as well as Red Hat’s enterprise virtualization product. This is important since it sees Red Hat’s Open Stack become more well rounded with a scalable, proven and “best of breed” storage solution."
2014-02-04 The Register Ceph put on its Red Hat and dances in the open source sun "Inktank has made its all-singing, all-dancing software-defined storage Ceph product play nicer with Red Hat."
2014-02-04 Sys-con Inktank Launches Inktank University "Through Inktank University, new Ceph users can learn -- in as little as one day or a more intensive three-day course -- the basics of Ceph, how it can be deployed with OpenStack, and how it can be properly maintained. Whether you're just starting out installing Ceph or need help tuning or troubleshooting your deployment, there is a training course available for you."
2014-01-27 InformationWeek Gluster vs Ceph: Open Source Storage Goes Head-to-Head "Storage managers will find Ceph with Inktank to offer a more sophisticated approach because it carries file system, block access, and remote replication as intrinsic functions, rather than add-ons (as is the case with Gluster). This gives Ceph a major advantage, and may be why it is leading Gluster in installs."
2013-12-27 The VAR Guy Ceph and Gluster Software-Defined Storage: Poised for Greatness? Inktank, the company that plays the leading role in developing the open source Ceph code and in October introduced a value-added implementation of the platform called Inktank Ceph Enterprise, recently announced that its customer base grew by 294 percent in 2013. It credited adoption of Ceph-based OpenStack storage solutions, along with OEM and reseller partnerships, with fueling that growth.
2013-12-23 Yahoo Finance Inktank Rides Rising Ceph Wave as Demand for Software-Defined Storage Grows [...] the Ceph open-source community was vibrant and thriving in 2013, growing its pool of authors from 130 to 203 while accepting major contributions from companies including Intel, SUSE, and CloudWatt. In addition, the community held its inaugural Ceph Developer Summit, where developers from around the world met virtually to discuss the future of Ceph, and organized the first Ceph Days, in-person events in New York, Santa Clara, and London for education and idea exchange.
2013-12-20 The Register Rackspace roadmap preps new cloud tools to take on big-bucks giants This will bring with it a number of upgrades including a unified storage platform based on Ceph, support for OpenStack Heat orchestration, and the aforementioned image sharing.
2013-12-17 ZDNet eNovance offers OpenStack Buffet eNovance can build cloud storage platforms for its customers based upon several different platforms including: Openstack Swift, Ceph by Inktank or Redhat Storage.
2013-12-12 SocalTech Interview with Simon Anderson, DreamHost The most execiting and interesting things that we see happening in a new wave of open source collaboration. We're particularly seeing that in the cloud with OpenStack, but we're also seeing that in storage with Ceph. AS you know, one of the cofounders of DreamHost created Ceph, the open source, distributed storage system while doing his Ph.D. At UC Santa Cruz. We incubated it, and a couple of years ago spun it out as a new, for-profit company to help folks all over the world implement Ceph.
2013-11-26 The most skilled Openstack member in LATAM Also, we replaced all our storage SATA hard drives with SSD technology to save your data on our Block Storage on demand service based on CEPH – we spent weeks trying to figure out what storage technology could fit better in terms of price, price and price… and also integration, availability, performance, efficiency and scalability watching beautiful vendors as SolidFire, xtremIO and Violin Memory (it doesn’t mean they are not good enough, it’s just they didn’t fit in).
2013-11-25 VMBlog Open Source will Dominate the Infrastructure Stack in the Corporate Data Center "2014 will be a break out year for open source storage. Projects such as Ceph, Swift, and Gluster will see increasing growth in their communities and will move beyond parity with legacy storage technologies to deliver new innovations."
2013-11-19 Sys-Con Scalable Informatics’ Unison Appliance Shines in First Ever Public Report of STAC-M3 Benchmarks on a Parallel File System with Ceph "When testing a read-dominated workload using Kx kdb+, Ceph outperformed running on native block devices, demonstrating its low overhead, I/O optimization, and scalability."
2013-11-18 Bright Computing Previews Next-Gen Bright Cluster Manager at sc13 "Bright bundles, installs, configures, monitors and manages Ceph for object and block storage"
2013-11-15 InformationWeek Ceph Poised to Change Data Center and Cloud Storage "Ceph is being enthusiastically picked up. It's a fair bet that it will become the backbone for host-based storage software services. There's also potential to use the technology with (Virtual Storage Appliance) VSA-type systems. Ceph's Reliable Autonomic Distributed Object Store (RADOS) can and has been decoupled from the upper layers, as SUSE Cloud is doing. With it migrating features away from the storage nodes, it could change the way systems are built, and upset the Big Iron Storage applecart by moving the storage sweet spot to COTS hardware."
2013-11-15 Penguin Computing Launches HPC Appliance "As an integrated software, hardware and managed service Scyld is built on open standards including OpenStack and Ceph."
2013-11-15 InfoStor Storage Startups to Watch "Ceph Enterprise is priced based on storage capacity, with prices ranging from below 1 cent to a couple of cents per gig per month depending on volume."
2013-11-12 Suse brings distributed storage product with Ceph ""Ceph ist einfach viel näher am Kernel als etwa Gluster-FS", meint Suses President and General Manager Nils Brauckmann."
2013-11-04 The VAR Guy Inktank Brings Ceph Open Source Cloud Storage to the Enterprise "Inktank is offering the solution on a subscription basis. It offers support services and value-added deployment tools related to the Ceph platform, which itself is free and open source, and features Ceph version 0.67, which includes important enterprise functionality such as copy-on-write and compability with the Swift API, as well as a graphical management application aptly named Calamari."
2013-11-01 TechTarget Inktank supports new enterprise release of open source Ceph storage "Nadkarni said storage vendors such as EMC and NetApp currently view Ceph storage as a greater competitive threat than they do OpenStack storage, an increasingly popular open source software project that also offers object- and block-based storage and is working to support file-based storage. He said they're more wary because the unified Ceph storage platform provides much of the same functionality that the core storage products of established vendors such as EMC and NetApp supply."
2013-10-31 The Register For its next trick, Inktank tries to pull golden rabbit from its Ceph hat
2013-10-30 MarketWired Inktank Ceph Enterprise is Ready for Business "Whether used in a green-field cloud deployment or as a replacement for traditional storage solutions, Inktank Ceph Enterprise allows organizations to effectively manage their rapidly growing data. By offering a modern, web-scale storage technology with advanced tools and long-term support from a commercial vendor, businesses can now benefit from radical improvements in the economics of data storage."
2013-10-25 Measure Ceph RBD Performance in a Quantitative Way "Providing a high performance and cost effective volume block Storage service is an important and challenging job for every cloud service provider. There are many open source projects trying to satisfy this requirement. Among those, Ceph is an interesting one for its decent unified architecture. To better understand Ceph performance and identify future optimization opportunities, we conduct a lot of experiments with different workloads and IO pattern. We are glad to summarize our finding into a series of short articles and share with rest of the community[...]"
2013-05-12 The VAR Guy Canonical Promotes Ceph Big Data Storage System...for Red Hat? "Canonical, on its official blog, is promoting the latest release of the Ceph distributed storage system, titled Cuttlefish. Why is that noteworthy? Because the post doesn't mention Canonical's Linux distribution (Ubuntu) at all, and instead focuses in large part on what Ceph is doing for Red Hat. Is Ceph that important to the open-source and Big Data ecosystems that it can bring competitors so selflessly together like this?"
2013-05-09 H Online Ceph Improves Red Hat Support In New Release "Enhancements in Ceph 0.61 include switching completely to ceph-deploy, a new standalone install tool that can set up and start a multi-node cluster "in minutes"; Inktank says that this should make proof-of-concept installations easier too."
2013-05-07 CNN Money Inktank Gears up Ceph Storage with Support for Red Hat Linux "That the new release of Ceph, dubbed Cuttlefish, focuses on Red Hat is interesting since Red Hat bought Gluster for its scale-out storage capabilities in 2011 and declared Gluster to be “OpenStack Ready” last month."
2013-05-07 The VAR Guy Inktank Ceph Upgrade Targets Big Data Storage, Red Hat Support-
"As perhaps the only enterprise-ready distributed storage platform that offers massive scalability and is available as open-source software, Ceph's profile has risen rapidly since Inktank launched in 2012 to provide support and services for it. That trend continued Tuesday with the Cuttlefish release"
2013-05-07 Inktank Announces Ceph Cuttlefish Update "Inktank is announcing the newest release Ceph called Cuttlefish which offers enhancements to the massively scalable, open source software-defined storage system."
2013-05-07 GigaOm Inktank gears up Ceph storage with support for Red Hat Linux "Ceph is an open-source storage fan fave and now Inktank is buffing it up with Red Hat Linux support."
2013-05-07 Wall Street Journal Inktank Announces Ceph Cuttlefish Release "Significant for enterprise customers, Ceph packages are now available for Red Hat 6.3, with Inktank committed to offering commercial support for Ceph on this and future versions of the operating system."
2013-05-03 TechBar Ceph storage system "Currently maybe the most popular open distributed storage solution. I’m using it with OpenStack for block and object storage, for NFS and like S3 compatible storage. I can just tell that I’m very impressed about capabilities it have and I can highly recommend it for large scales deployment."
2013-05-03 NetworkComputing Silver Peak Boosts WAN Performance with New Products? "Ubuntu Server 13.04 also addresses scale-out storage with fully integrated and supported implementation of services such as Ceph alongside SWIFT with support for Ubuntu-related issues from Inktank, the provider of Ceph."
"Helping traditional providers stand up cloud infrastructure in their data centers is a high-demand market now, and vendors large and small are lining up. Both proprietary and open-source solutions have emerged, and a few companies have formed around the latter."
2013-05-02 TechTarget Parsing through the software-defined storage hype. "The idea of controlling storage with non-proprietary software is not new. For nearly a decade, the Ceph open source project has been developing software that allows anyone to build massively-scalable unified storage with commodity hardware."
2013-04-23 Register
Behold Ubuntu Server 13.04: Focus on hypervisors and OpenStack

Ubuntu Server 13.04 includes the Ceph 0.56.4 "Bobtail" distributed object and block storage system, which is a replacement for Swift and Cinder in many minds, which is one of the reasons why last fall Shuttleworth kicked $1m of his own cash into Inktank, its creator. Ceph was first added to Ubuntu Server with the 12.04 release.
2013-04-23 IBM DeveloperWorks Integrate a Ceph storage cluster within an OpenStack cloud "Discover how a Ceph cluster — presenting object, block, and file storage from a single point — is created, its algorithms and replication mechanism, and how it can be integrated with your cloud data architectures and models."
2013-04-18 MSN Money The Intel succession crisis continues There's also the cloud, which is replacing high-end servers with commodity servers, low-cost computing engines that will, as software develops, deliver networking from companies such as Nicira and storage through programs like Ceph.
2013-04-17 Inside HPC Sage Weil Presents: An Intro to Ceph for HPC
2013-04-17 NetworkWorld OpenStack's hottest products right now
2013-04-17 SiliconAngle theCUBE: Ross Turk
2013-04-16 gigaom Top 5 lessons learned at OpenStack Summit "Ceph is hot, hot, hot. Based on an informal poll of speakers and attendees, Ceph storage is where it’s at."
2013-04-09 thewhir Piston Enterprise OpenStack 2.0 Adds Out of Box Storage Based on Ceph "According to Piston, Piston Cloud’s Null-Tier Architecture approach delivers a complete SAN solution using Ceph, and now supports pass-through mode, which it says allows users to take advantage of existing infrastructure with RAID-based Serial Attached SCSI or SATA equipment."
2013-04-09 YouTube The End of Raid as You Know it
2013-03-04 The VAR Guy Open Source Ceph FS Popular in the Cloud, Big Data
2013-03-01 Computer Weekly Software-defined Storage: The reality beneath the hype "[...] and DreamHost spin-off Inktank (with Ceph) are also lining up open source object-storage stacks that can underpin cost-effective, large-scale cloud storage services, and even potentially enhance or replace the Swift storage element of OpenStack."
2013-02-15 Enterprise Conversation Why IT Pros Should Check Out Ceph "However, Ceph's real claim to fame is that the store can be scaled to exabytes of data by adding storage nodes, which provide the type of scale needed for large cloud-computing infrastructures, as well as big-data at some point."
2012-11-06 IDC Inisghts Ceph - A unified storage platform for the enterprise "From a academic and technology perspective, this is the making of something truly revolutionary - not because this technology has no counterpart in the commercial space but because much like other open source community projects that have taken off once they were well funded. And found a place in business when they were commercially backed. Ubuntu, Openstack, Cloudstack, Apache, Suse - the list goes on."
2012-09-11 gigaom Open source champ Mark Shuttleworth invests $1M in Ceph storage startup "Mark Shuttleworth – billionaire, first-African-in-space, philanthropist and open-source aficionado – has opened his checkbook again, this time to invest $1 million in Inktank, the startup that wants to bring the Ceph distributed storage system into the enterprise."
2012-07-31 Inktank's Ceph: An Open Source Storage Solution for the Enterprise “It’s storage that’s built specifically to be elastic and massively scalable,” [Ross Turk] said. “Building something that can scale the way Ceph does requires a different mentality than building something that’s merely big.”
2012-05-03 the whir How Inktank Supports Service Providers Running Ceph Storage Platform "According to the Ceph website, German web host and cloud services company filoo has used a Ceph cluster to deliver block storage for compute VMs. Bogensberger says there are a lot of service providers looking at Ceph as a next-generation storage platform."