CDS Dumpling


Welcome to the first Ceph Developer Summit! This online event is designed to provide a venue for discussion about features and architectural decisions for the next stable release of Ceph.

Note: This page has been kept largely how it was before the Summit. However, the schedule grid has been updated with links to the videos, IRC logs, and snapshots of the etherpads as they were after the sessions were over.

Session Goals

After careful consideration of submitted blueprints, Sage has created a schedule that sets aside time for discussing many of the submitted blueprints. These should be interactive discussions, not lectures! Each session will be moderated by the owner of its associated blueprint, with these goals:
  • Identify a blueprint owner, if necessary
  • Discuss the possible ways the blueprint might be implemented
  • Identify the necessary work items and record them in the session's etherpad
  • Determine whether the work can be completed before the Cuttlefish feature freeze
  • Identify interested parties and discuss ownership of work items


We chose to make this a small, online event so that more people could attend and contribute in a meaningful way without having to disrupt their lives with travel time and cost. In order to facilitate these virtual discussions, we will be using a few tools.
Google Hangouts - The video conferencing setup we are using is a broadcasted Google Hangout. This means that up to 10 "speakers" can participate, while any number of community members may spectate from the public URL. The talks will also be captured automatically as YouTube videos and published to our channel for later consumption. If you want to be one of the 10 "speakers" in the hangout, ping scuttlemonkey or rturk on IRC.
Etherpad - Each session will have an associated etherpad for collaborative note taking during the session. This should allow us to capture architectural decisions, issues, work items, and other notes during the sessions.
IRC - Each track will have its own logged IRC channel for discussion. This will allow asyncronous discussion, offsite-links, and questions to the "speakers" in a format that can be logged and posted for later consumption.
All of these tools will go live on the day of the summit so as not to have spam content or general indexing done before then. To find them, click the links in the schedule grid.
This is the first time we've done this! Stuff is likely to break. The community team will be hanging out in #ceph during the summit to help if anything goes awry. If you have questions before then, please contact us.


GMT+8 Track 1 Track 2
8:00 17:00 23:00 1A: Welcome, Introduction, and Housekeeping
Sage Weil
[pad] [video] [irclogs]
8:30 17:30 23:30 1B: Ceph Management API
Dan Mick
[blueprint] [pad] [video] [irclogs]
9:00 18:00 0:00 1C: Erasure Encoding as a Storage Backend
Loic Dachary & Christopher Liljenstolpe
[blueprint] [pad] [video] [irclogs]
9:30 18:30 0:30 1D: RGW Geo-Replication and Disaster Recovery
Yehuda Sadeh
[blueprint] [pad] [video] [irclogs]
10:00 19:00 1:00 Break
10:30 19:30 1:30 1E: RADOS Gateway refactor into library, internal APIs
Wido den Hollander
[blueprint] [pad] [video] [irclogs]
2E: Chef Cookbook Consolidation & ceph-deploy Improvements
Alexandre Marangone, Dan Mick
[pad] [video] [irclogs]
11:15 20:15 2:15 1F: Enforced bucket-level quotas in RGW
Yehuda Sadeh
[blueprint] [pad] [video] [irclogs]
2F: Testing, build/release & Teuthology
Sage Weil
[pad] [video] [irclogs]
12:00 21:00 3:00 Break
12:30 21:30 3:30 1G: Client Security for CephFS
Mike Kelly
[blueprint] [pad] [video] [irclogs]
2G: RADOS namespaces, CRUSH language extension, CRUSH library
Sage Weil
[blueprint 1] [blueprint 2] [blueprint 3] [pad] [video] [irclogs]
13:00 22:00 4:00 1H: Inline data support
Li Wang
[blueprint] [pad] [video] [irclogs]
2H: Ceph stats and monitoring tools
Kyle Bader
[blueprint] [pad] [video] [irclogs]
13:30 22:30 4:30 1I: Fallocate/Hole Punching
Li Wang
[blueprint] [pad] [video] [irclogs]
2I: A hook framework for Ceph FS operation
Yasuhiro Ohara (w/Sage Weil)
[blueprint] [pad] [video] [irclogs]
14:00 23:00 5:00 Adjourn

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