2I - A hook framework for Ceph FS operation

Live Pad

The live pad can be found here: [pad]

Summit Snapshot

  1. Use cases:
  2. file search for hpc
  3. data provenance?
  4. file contents indexing
  5. tagging, metadata indexing
Read/write notification:
  1. avoid osd -> mds messages
  2. publish events on an message queue or unix domain socket or something cheapre than fork()+execve()
  3. can infer post-write event from filelock states
    1. tricky; we can help via ceph-devel etc.
  4. read notification can piggyback on client->mds atime update
    1. implement atime first :)

Coding tasks

  1. Debugging of the MDS dying.
  2. the support of other OSD operations.
  3. the support of extended attribute check (for hook configuration) not to notify of unnecessary events.
  4. the support of multiple MDS; load-balancing of hook executions.

Build / release tasks

  1. Just put the code on a web page and see what will happen (I mean, I have no idea on release engineering).

Documentation tasks

  1. All documentation for everything is not yet done.

Deprecation tasks

  1. What does the deprecation tasks mean ?