2F - Testing buildrelease & Teuthology

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Summit Snapshot

Building and testing Ceph automatically

Build infrastructure (gitbuilders): + on-demand
Ceph gitbuilder status:

Release builds
1. target platforms?
ubuntu (precise, quantal, soon raring), squeeze, Centos, SuSE
2. process


automated test cluster setup/run/collect output
uses physical or virtual machines
cooperative locking of machine resources to avoid trampling other users (optional)
write YAML configuration files to select machines/roles, Ceph versions to install, tests to run
a few hundred physical machines internal to Inktank to run nightly tests

gtest for unit tests: (make check)

require tests for new code
refactor existing code to be testable

Test suite
  • combination/permutation of teuthology tests, cluster configurations
    many different functional/regression tests, with and without failure injection

upgrade testing

run tests in mixed verison environment with slow rolling upgrades

integration tests:

libvirt (pools and volumes)

Allocate/create VMs using EC2 or Openstack APIs?

Improve documentation on how to get it set up and working
- how to setup test machines ( )

Work items:

build out a large cluster test suite and task radosmodel test should infer the list of clients and run them in parallel
task to slurp up/archive perf counters
identifying key metrics to monitor

osd: small/large write performance
mds: metadata ops/sec

qemu gitbuilder
build large long-term clusters on burnupi?
samba (and others?) don't register as running daemons and thus can't be restarted by the upgrade task


need to be able to identify performance regressions
memory, cpu usage, network usage(please) data

perf task?
store aggregated data in summary.yaml for each runl

time (have raw timer task; need to log results)
identify data warehouse and make something to import into it
build graphs :)
aggregate/slurp the osd perf counters at end of run?

scribe (facebook)
flume (cloudera)