2E - Chef Cookbook Consolidation & ceph-deploy Improvements

Live Pad

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Summit Snapshot

Welcome to the Ceph Etherpad!

Chef: ( )

Past few months: refactored recipes, included Newdream input
Soliciting input for recipe features or anything else!

Current features:

Deploy mon/osd
Supports latest Bobtail and Cuttlefish only

Possible extensions:

Does anyone need other release support?
Limiting power of deployment keys (monitor key opens everything)
Error management/recovery

Other issues:

Consolidate best practices from many Chef cookbook authors
Compatibility with ceph-deploy approach would be nice, at least from ceph-deploy -> Chef

  • -> Documentation on migration path.

Look at to see if we can take some features.


Q: How will the Chef scripts be synced with the Barclamp Chef recipes?
A: Dell/SuSE are working on it most; ideally they would simply include upstream recipes

  • Q: LWRP for creating pools? clients? manage keys?
  • A: the intent is to deploy, but not administer, so focused on setup for now

Q: when someone want to put effort in the cookbooks, what sections would you want to be tackled first? (cleanup, more distributions, hardening the runs, ...)
A: first priority is better testing on Centos/Redhat/SuSE/Fedora; error handling also needs help

Q: are there any tests in the cookbooks?
A: no, and we'd like to have some
What kind? Ideally we'd use something like test-kitchen with a handful of minitest handlers
Not sure what the convention is for test frameworks for Chef, but "as nonsurprising as possible" always seems right to me

Q: previously there was some goal of running a setup adding additional disks (osds) through some labels on the disks - and then auto-add them to the cluster - is this still the way to go?
A: yes, ceph-create-keys/ceph-disk (in the ceph repo itself, ) and the upstart/sysvinit scripts support auto-configuring disks today, and ceph-deploy will mark disks for that sort of delayed activation
A2: We have some newer chef cookbooks that dreamhost worked with inktank on and they use the ceph-disk-prepare, ceph-disk-activate tooling, we'll open that up and share it


  • Syncing efforts between ceph-deploy and Chef is a requirement; publicizing changes/conventions for other environments (Juju, Salt, Puppet) will probably be done in the mailing list
  • can it have it own mailing list please