-2I - A hook framework for Ceph FS operation

*** sergey has quit IRC    13:35
* Karcaw wonders where he can download the ceph-statsd-ddos package...    13:36
cdl    If we were to pursue a subset of use cases (as per sage), instead of a fork, maybe a pub/sub mechanism    13:38
cdl    rather than a fork (or fork list)    13:38
rturk    sagewk: ^    13:43
cdl    The nice thing about that is the message queue is asynchronous    13:48
saras    cdl: message queue is great for monitor tools as will    13:50
saras    as long time() and size() i build power full tool for monitoring    13:58
sagewk    cdl: oops sorry, missed that!    14:00
saras    thanks this was great    14:00