-2H - Ceph stats and monitoring tools

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scuttlemonkey    someone kill the other hangout?    12:58
rturk    track 2 is still running    12:58
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hskinner    was.  just stopped for me    13:00
yasu`    for me too    13:00
scuttlemonkey    yeah    13:00
scuttlemonkey    1 minute and we'll get it restarted    13:00
rturk    really?    13:00
rturk    I'm still in it    13:00
dmick    me too    13:01
elder    rturk, YouTube    13:01
yasu`    youtube version (just seeing)    13:01
rturk    ah, got you    13:01
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scuttlemonkey    event page is updated    13:03
scuttlemonkey    broadcast will begin shortly    13:03
scuttlemonkey    youtube direct link:    13:03
nwl    scuttlemonkey: can i have an invite to chat link?    13:04
rturk    IM'ed, nwl    13:04
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nwl    13:05
kbader    ohai    13:05
nwl    !    13:05
scuttlemonkey    nwl: that's what we're doing :P    13:07
scuttlemonkey    unfortunately they still have a few unpublished limitations    13:07
dmick    "opportunities for future development and enhancement"    13:07
paravoid    scuttlemonkey: the limit definitely is more than 10    13:08
paravoid    I think 15?    13:08
scuttlemonkey    if you get a corp unlock it's 20    13:08
scuttlemonkey    but this morning we had just shy of 50    13:09
nwl    damn.. i have crap connectivity now.. did Kyle say that bucky pushes the collectd stuff to carbon?    13:12
joshd    yeah, from multiple protocols to carbon    13:13
joshd    it's in the etherpad    13:13
nwl    got it    13:13
mikedawson    kbader: have you tried Sensu (as opposed to Bucky)?    13:16
paravoid    we experimented with a ganglia plugin    13:16
paravoid    but I don't think it'll work well in practice    13:16
rturk    (reminder: if you want to speak on the hangout, ping me for the URL)    13:17
paravoid    I was looking at pushing them to our graphite installation    13:17
paravoid    but this sounds awesome    13:18
paravoid    I'll probably end up reusing it :)    13:18
paravoid    yes    13:21
paravoid    we experimented with a plugin that collects stats from the admin sockets    13:21
paravoid    a colleague of mine wrote it    13:21
paravoid    I haven't deployed it across the cluster yet, since I wanted to experiment with graphite first    13:21
nwl    paravoid: be interested to see how it compares to Kyle's diamond stuff    13:21
paravoid    ganglia is also not that great with presentation    13:22
paravoid    like aggregating all those metrics somehow    13:22
jlogan    Anyone else have audio problems from google+ page?    13:22
saras    yes    13:23
saras    jlogan: yes    13:23
Karcaw    yes    13:23
rturk    hmmm    13:23
scuttlemonkey    what kind of audio problems?    13:23
jlogan    3-5 seconds, then long pause.    13:23
rturk    are you viewing on the g+ event page, or on youtube directly?    13:23
scuttlemonkey    try the youtube-direct?    13:23
scuttlemonkey    13:23
rturk    ppl had trouble with G+'s embed earlier today    13:23
jlogan    no change, it still blips    13:24
saras    I would like to have metrics going into salt so do even based on them    13:24
michael_dreamhost    same here, problem wasn't occuring earlier.    13:25
saras    salt easy as long as have some that local process to talk to    13:25
dmick    jlogan: michael_dreamhost: track 1 or 2?    13:26
michael_dreamhost    track2 (continued)    13:26
paravoid    is that heatmap thing public?    13:27
paravoid    that sounds interesting    13:27
kbader    not yet, but we can make that happen    13:27
nwl    paravoid: inktank are looking to shrink wrap the heatmap + monitoring stuff    13:28
paravoid    great    13:28
dmick    kbader: you're ded    13:29
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paravoid    I'd be really interested to hear why dreamhost switched from debian to ubuntu but that's very offtopic :)    13:29
saras    so is collectd ceph code    13:30
dmick    saras: we have mods that have never been put upstream; Sage has asked for help a few times on the list for someone to clean them up and get them back in    13:30
dmick    13:32
saras    thanks    13:32
paravoid    awesome work guys    13:33
saras    so you can take to collectd form python right if so that great    13:33