-2E - Chef Cookbook Consolidation & ceph-deploy Improvements

saras    not troolll really just bigger fan on salt    10:30
saras    of salt    10:30
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rturk    lol    10:30
rturk    scuttlemonkey and I are too    10:30
scuttlemonkey    scuttlemonkey is a juju fanboi    10:30
scuttlemonkey    /innocent    10:30
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saras    salt/python    10:31
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wonko_be    no pad for the chef discussion?    10:34
dmick    10:34
rturk    10:35
rturk    oops    10:35
rturk    beat me to it!    10:35
dmick    10:35
dmick    :)    10:35
rturk    good thing our nicks are the same length or they wouldn't line up so nicely    10:35
wonko_be    :)    10:35
wonko_be    thx    10:35
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rturk    if you have questions on this session, ask them here (or on the pad if you want to record them)    10:37
dmick    10:39
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alop    in the ATT-cloud chef repo, we use LWRP for creating keystone users/tenants glance images, etc    10:42
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alop    what's "Small to medium size"?    10:46
nwl    alop: size is less an issue that whether root ssh is something you want to run at scale    10:46
alop    k    10:47
saras    python3 or 2    10:47
dmick    2.6 atm    10:48
dmick    for the Red OSes    10:48
saras    oh    10:49
dmick    alop: no specific limitation, just sort of "where it's aimed"    10:49
Karcaw    i think it should be more than just an adoption tool..    10:49
saras    any idea how hard it is to move to python3    10:49
Karcaw    it would be better to be able to come back to it and add osd's. or be able to pull old osd's out..  or remove/add mons in the future..    10:50
dmick    saras: we're trying not to make it harder :) but it's not a target right now because of the distros    10:50
dmick    Karcaw: that should work today (except removal, which is imminent)    10:51
Karcaw    ok    10:51
saras    dmick: got you that sad are red really back on 2.6 ouch    10:52
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rturk    (remember: if you want to join the hangout, ping me or scuttlemonkey!)    10:54
saras    thanks    10:55
saras    please bon't forget salt    10:56
alop    idiosyncratic is an understatement :)    10:56
kbader    are you guys streaming over the wifi?    10:58
kbader    it's supper choppy for me    10:58
rturk    I'm cabled in here    10:58
dmick    working well on the wire here kbader    10:58
kbader    yeah, my office is in a faraday cage    10:58
rturk    :P    10:59
rturk    welcome to join us in here if you want to chat    10:59
saras    virual io use case    11:00
dmick    saras: could you expand on that a bit?    11:01
kbader    there was a good talk on LWRPs at chefconf, i'll try to find the video/slide links    11:02
alram    kbader: can you paste it to pad when you find it?    11:02
saras    dmick: open compute has virual IO project that been tring get people hardware for the have buch of disk ready for ceph might be good use case    11:03
kbader    [link shortened for formatting - rdt]    11:03
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alop    I was hoping to start deploying with chef cookbooks this week in my lab    11:03
kbader    saras: we have a contact with opencompute and have been talking about some designs with them    11:04
kbader    I'm not familiar with the virtual io stuff, do you have a link?    11:04
wonko_be    it seems to me the chef recipes are more like a one-shot replacement for a install/deploy script, that manage the cluster    11:04
wonko_be    get it up, and then never run it again    11:05
kbader    that's the way we use them (dreamhost)    11:05
kbader    deploy and manage with them    11:05
saras    kbader:    11:05
kbader    saras: thanks    11:05
saras    kbader: the track 6 you good idea in frist 10 min. or so    11:06
kbader    ok, i'll check it out    11:07
kbader    wonko_be: when you say get it up and never run it again, are you refering to ceph-deploy or the chef recipes?    11:07
wonko_be    the chef recipes    11:07
wonko_be    there is nothing in there to actually manage the cluster    11:07
kbader    ah ok, well that depends on the set of cookbooks that your using    11:08
wonko_be    create pools, adding client keys, etc...    11:08
alram    wonko_be: what would you like to see in terms of management?    11:08
kbader    slightly before argonaut inktank and dreamhost cookbooks diverged    11:08
saras    so how would snyc projects work as tring to get salt up to speed    11:08
kbader    alexandre and I have done a lot of work to get them merged back together to support bobtail    11:08
saras    mailing list wiki page    11:08
wonko_be    deploying a ceph-client role to clients, allowing rbd mounts, etc...    11:08
kbader    I'm not sure if he has a copy of them on github but we should publish what we have on github    11:09
alop    wonko_be: +1    11:09
wonko_be    well, "mounts", maps is the term    11:09
kbader    wonko_be: yeah, that is needed. Checks for kernel RBD, ceph packages and drops off a key with least caps    11:09
saras    or 3, 4    11:10
wonko_be    to be honest, i'm baised, i made some cookbooks myself a year ago, and it seems like duplicate work    11:10
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wonko_be    but some of the ideas can be stolen from them    11:11
kbader    alright, I'll work on getting the dreamhost cookbooks up today. Where do you have your cookbooks?    11:11
wonko_be    let me get the link, just a sec    11:12
kbader    awesome    11:12
wonko_be    11:12
wonko_be    apparently, suse forked them    11:12
wonko_be    so it seems    11:12
John    Chef docs are here:    11:13
John    11:13
wonko_be    they are nowhere complete, or up-to-date, but parts of the code might be reusable    11:13
saras    a wiki would be great too    11:13
alop    alright, thanks for setting this up    11:14
saras    John: thanks    11:14
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