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Feature #47072: mgr/dashboard: Usability Improvements

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mgr/dashboard: cluster > host: missing/misleading actions

Added by Ernesto Puerta about 2 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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Hosts should have actions (Edit and Delete), but
  • Delete only deletes from the UI, and has no effect on daemons
  • Edit presents a modal for label management, but existing labels are not shown and there is no information at all to guide the user.
  • Maintenance is missing
  • Drain is missing (part of host removal workflow)
  • Refresh is missing - following a host upgrade, you would expect to see changes in metadata, so a manual way to refresh should be provided (just invoke gather-facts)

  • No metadata is available for the host itself (model, make, bios, hdds, flash) etc (see below)
  • The device health shows Unknown since it requires smartctl instead of using data from ceph-volume (coming soon!)
  • Performance details shows anomalies with OSD capacity, as N/A and performance charts with errors (duplicate series)
  • Daemons tab has a Last seen column with an overly verbose timestamp (e.g. 2020-08-05T02:31:43.066390)
  • Daemons are systemd services, but there is no way from the UI of managing those daemons - which forces the admin back to the CLI!
    • Restart is missing
    • Stop is missing
    • Start is missing
    • Remove is missing
    • Fetch logs (provide a means of gathering the logs for support case resolution)
  • Inventory will be covered separately, since this is an embedded component
  • Device Health doesn’t seem to work. It reports a “Unable to retrieve smart data” failure in the UI - but there isn’t a corresponding notification!. (If ceph-volume reports device health, this tab should could be removed as the UI pivots to be more user friendly)

Server info mock-up:

hosts_actions.png View (13.3 KB) Ernesto Puerta, 08/31/2020 03:38 PM

server_info_mockup.png View (128 KB) Ernesto Puerta, 08/31/2020 03:52 PM


Feature #51587: mgr/dashboard: implement host drain feature in dashboardResolvedNizamudeen A

Feature #53315: mgr/dashboard: Create host form retain the previously created labels and predefine some common labelsResolvedNizamudeen A

Bug #55523: mgr/dashboard: weird "selected" count in "physical devices" table and subtableResolvedNizamudeen A


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