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mgr/dashboard: Usability Improvements

Added by Ernesto Puerta 5 months ago. Updated about 11 hours ago.

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This is a parent tracker for gathering a number of usability improvements.


Tasks #25167: mgr/dashboard: Display useful popovers in formsNew

Cleanup #47073: mgr/dashboard: landing pageNew

Cleanup #47135: mgr/dashboard: terminology review and improvementNew

Cleanup #47136: mgr/dashboard: main menu rearrangementNew

Cleanup #47137: mgr/dashboard: missing table titlesFix Under ReviewAvan Thakkar

Feature #47138: mgr/dashboard: tables-in-tables patternNew

Bug #47376: mgr/dashboard: table items get selected when expanding details tableResolvedNizamudeen A

Cleanup #47377: mgr/dashboard: add select-all/unselect-all checkboxNew

Tasks #47476: mgr/dashboard: cluster > hostsNew

Cleanup #47218: mgr/dashboard: cluster > hosts: services are not services but daemonsNewNizamudeen A

Cleanup #47219: mgr/dashboard: cluster > hosts: missing infoNew

Cleanup #47220: mgr/dashboard: cluster > host: missing/misleading actionsNew

Cleanup #47222: mgr/dashboard: cluster > hosts: "devices" and "inventory > devices" tabs/tables are misleadingNew

Cleanup #47595: mgr/dashboard: move Device health pane to upper levelNew

Tasks #47477: mgr/dashboard: cluster > inventoryNew

Tasks #47478: mgr/dashboard: cluster > OSDsResolvedAashish Sharma

Tasks #47481: mgr/dashboard: cluster > configurationNew

Tasks #47482: mgr/dashboard: Improvements for the Cluster > Pools pageResolvedAvan Thakkar

Tasks #47807: mgr/dashboard: Remove the "Last change" column ResolvedAvan Thakkar

Tasks #47900: mgr/dashboard: update QoS values when editing a Pool/RBD imageResolvedAvan Thakkar

Tasks #47901: mgr/dashboard: Replace Replica size and Erasure code profile with one column "Protection level"ResolvedAvan Thakkar

Tasks #48067: mgr/dashboard: add description for CRUSH RulesetResolvedAvan Thakkar

Tasks #47483: mgr/dashboard: cluster > CRUSH mapNew

Cleanup #47484: mgr/dashboard: cluster > manager modulesResolvedAvan Thakkar

Tasks #47485: mgr/dashboard: cluster > servicesIn Progress

Bug #47578: mgr/dashboard: Copy to clipboard does not work in FirefoxResolvedVolker Theile

Bug #47610: mgr/dashboard: Add short descriptions to the telemetry report previewResolvedNizamudeen A

Bug #47714: mgr/dashboard: Implement an expert settingNew

Cleanup #47790: mgr/dashboard: Improve HTML formatting of the telemetry report previewResolvedNizamudeen A

Feature #47791: mgr/dashboard: Enforce or warn about choosing an application label when creating a new PoolNew

Bug #47858: mgr/dashboard: Disable blinking light button for devices that are not capable to provide this functionalityNew

Feature #47860: Configurable and sortable listNew

Bug #47903: mgr/dashboard: Improving the dialog box Titles in Block -> ImagesNewNizamudeen A

Cleanup #48016: mgr/dashboard: correct the order of the action- and cancel-buttonsResolvedTatjana Dehler


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  • Related to Bug #47902: mgr/dashboard: Improving the dialog box Titles in Block -> Images added

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  • Related to deleted (Bug #47902: mgr/dashboard: Improving the dialog box Titles in Block -> Images)

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  • Affected Versions v15.2.9, v16.0.0 added

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