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mgr/dashboard: Usability Improvements

Added by Ernesto Puerta over 3 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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This is a parent tracker for gathering a number of usability improvements.


Feature #24673: mgr/dashboard: The Web UI should warn a user about unsaved form changesNew

Tasks #25167: mgr/dashboard: Display useful popovers in formsNew

Feature #36587: mgr/dashboard: Page title should indicate current locationResolvedSarthak Gupta

Cleanup #47073: mgr/dashboard: landing pageIn ProgressErnesto Puerta

Feature #49445: mgr/dashboard: Allow frontend modifications of the dashboardNew

Feature #50980: mgr/dashboard: advanced cluster visualization New

Feature #55522: mgr/dashboard: links from landing page cards to specific pagesNewErnesto Puerta

Cleanup #47135: mgr/dashboard: terminology review and improvementNew

Cleanup #47136: mgr/dashboard: main menu rearrangementRejectedWaad Alkhoury

Cleanup #47137: mgr/dashboard: missing table titlesRejectedAvan Thakkar

Feature #47138: mgr/dashboard: tables-in-tables patternNew

Bug #47376: mgr/dashboard: table items get selected when expanding details tableResolvedNizamudeen A

Cleanup #47377: mgr/dashboard: add select-all/unselect-all checkboxNew

Tasks #47476: mgr/dashboard: cluster > hostsNew

Cleanup #47218: mgr/dashboard: cluster > hosts: services are not services but daemonsResolvedNizamudeen A

Cleanup #47219: mgr/dashboard: cluster > hosts: missing infoResolved

Cleanup #47220: mgr/dashboard: cluster > host: missing/misleading actionsNew

Feature #51587: mgr/dashboard: implement host drain feature in dashboardResolvedNizamudeen A

Feature #53315: mgr/dashboard: Create host form retain the previously created labels and predefine some common labelsResolvedNizamudeen A

Bug #55523: mgr/dashboard: weird "selected" count in "physical devices" table and subtableResolvedNizamudeen A

Cleanup #47222: mgr/dashboard: cluster > hosts: "devices" and "inventory > devices" tabs/tables are misleadingResolvedAvan Thakkar

Cleanup #47595: mgr/dashboard: move Device health pane to upper levelNew

Feature #50318: mgr/dashboard: when adding host, allow to specify network address and labelsResolvedNizamudeen A

Cleanup #51588: mgr/dashboard: Host labels cleanupsNewPedro González Gómez

Cleanup #52456: mgr/dashboard: suggestions for common label namesDuplicate

Tasks #52851: mgr/dashboard: remove (old) Ceph version from hostsNew

Bug #53210: mgr/dashboard: cluster > hosts: host list tables doesn't show all services deployedResolvedAvan Thakkar

Cleanup #53355: mgr/dashboard: Hide hostname column of daemon table in host detailsResolvedNizamudeen A

Cleanup #53395: mgr/dashboard: cluster > hosts display total number of coresNew

Bug #55524: mgr/dashboard: cropped device id in OSDs page - Device tabTriagedAashish Sharma

Feature #55527: mgr/dashboard: link from Hosts - device to Physical DeviceNewAashish Sharma

Tasks #47477: mgr/dashboard: cluster > inventoryNew

Feature #50312: mgr/dashboard: create OSD directly from device in InventoryNew

Cleanup #50314: mgr/dashboard: rename "inventory" to "disks"ResolvedKumar Navin Barnwal

Tasks #47478: mgr/dashboard: cluster > OSDsResolvedAashish Sharma

Cleanup #43286: mgr/dashboard: refactor OSD actions menuNew

Bug #45301: mgr/dashboard: displaying deleting state of OSDs in OSD tableResolvedKiefer Chang

Cleanup #50313: mgr/dashboard: Do not rely on /dev/sdxNew

Feature #55526: mgr/dashboard: align color/severity level of "smart data" retrieval errorNewAashish Sharma

Tasks #47481: mgr/dashboard: cluster > configurationNew

Bug #44584: mgr/dashboard: change "Editable" to "Runtime|Live Changeable|Updatable" in cluster config optionsNew

Cleanup #50315: mgr/dashboard: refactor Configuration tableNew

Tasks #47482: mgr/dashboard: Improvements for the Cluster > Pools pageResolvedAvan Thakkar

Tasks #47807: mgr/dashboard: Remove the "Last change" column ResolvedAvan Thakkar

Tasks #47900: mgr/dashboard: update QoS values when editing a Pool/RBD imageResolvedAvan Thakkar

Tasks #47901: mgr/dashboard: Replace Replica size and Erasure code profile with one column "Protection level"ResolvedAvan Thakkar

Tasks #48067: mgr/dashboard: add description for CRUSH RulesetResolvedAvan Thakkar

Feature #49180: mgr/dashboard: [RFE] Pool information doesn't provide easy visiblity of new(ish) featuresNewErnesto Puerta

Cleanup #50316: mgr/dashboard: Edit EC profile: hide plugin lib directory New

Tasks #47483: mgr/dashboard: cluster > CRUSH mapNeed More Info

Cleanup #47484: mgr/dashboard: cluster > manager modulesResolvedAvan Thakkar

Tasks #47485: mgr/dashboard: cluster > servicesIn Progress

Bug #49146: mgr/dashboard: service create lists mgr/mon and crashNewErnesto Puerta

Bug #49147: mgr/dashboard: admin can issue a create service for an existing serviceNewErnesto Puerta

Bug #49148: mgr/dashboard: when creating a new service, the role of placement and count is not clear in the UINewErnesto Puerta

Bug #49154: mgr/dashboard: removing a service switches it to unmanaged in the UI but will block it in the CLINewErnesto Puerta

Feature #49262: mgr/dashboard: provide the service events when showing a service in the UIResolvedAashish Sharma

Bug #50319: mgr/dashboard: fix HAProxy (now called ingress)Resolved

Feature #50322: mgr/dashboard: add restart/reload daemonsResolvedPere Díaz Bou

Cleanup #50323: mgr/dashboard: refactor service tableNewAvan Thakkar

Feature #53077: mgr/dashboard: edit servicesResolvedNizamudeen A

Tasks #53159: mgr/dashboard: NFS service: allow service port selectionNewAlfonso Martínez

Bug #47578: mgr/dashboard: Copy to clipboard does not work in FirefoxResolvedVolker Theile

Bug #47610: mgr/dashboard: Add short descriptions to the telemetry report previewResolvedNizamudeen A

Bug #47714: mgr/dashboard: Implement an expert settingNew

Cleanup #47790: mgr/dashboard: Improve HTML formatting of the telemetry report previewResolvedNizamudeen A

Feature #47791: mgr/dashboard: Enforce or warn about choosing an application label when creating a new PoolNew

Bug #47858: mgr/dashboard: Disable blinking light button for devices that are not capable to provide this functionalityNew

Feature #47860: Configurable and sortable listNew

Bug #47903: mgr/dashboard: Improving the dialog box Titles in Block -> ImagesNewNizamudeen A

Cleanup #48016: mgr/dashboard: correct the order of the action- and cancel-buttonsResolvedTatjana Dehler

Bug #49149: mgr/dashboard: unable to see grafana integration after enabling the services manuallyNewErnesto Puerta

Cleanup #49606: mgr/dashboard: improve telemetry opt-in reminder notification messagePending BackportWaad Alkhoury

Cleanup #49829: mgr/dashboard: improve 'cluster-manager' role descriptionResolvedNizamudeen A

Feature #50317: mgr/dashboard: Basic/Advanced modeNew

Tasks #50328: mgr/dashboard: RGWNewAlfonso Martínez

Cleanup #50329: mgr/dashboard: provide URL to RGW daemonNewAlfonso Martínez

Cleanup #50330: mgr/dashboard: rearrange RGW realms, zones, etc.NewAlfonso Martínez

Subtask #53301: mgr/dashboard: rgw daemon list: add realm columnResolvedAlfonso Martínez

Cleanup #61212: mgr/dashboard: reorder the rgw daemons pagePending BackportNizamudeen A

Tasks #50335: mgr/dashboard: WorkflowsNew

Feature #50336: mgr/dashboard: "Create Cluster" workflowResolvedNizamudeen A

Tasks #50564: mgr/dashboard: Add a welcome page for the Create Cluster WorkflowResolvedNizamudeen A

Tasks #51607: mgr/dashboard: Welcome page e2e for the Create Cluster WorkflowResolvedAvan Thakkar

Tasks #50565: mgr/dashboard: Add host section for the Create Cluster WorkflowResolvedNizamudeen A

Subtask #51606: mgr/dashboard: Add host section e2e testsResolvedAvan Thakkar

Tasks #50566: mgr/dashboard: Review Section for the Create Cluster WorkflowResolvedAvan Thakkar

Subtask #51608: mgr/dashboard: Review Section e2e for the Create Cluster WorkflowResolvedAvan Thakkar

Orchestrator - Bug #51209: cephadm: expose gather-facts api methodResolvedAvan Thakkar

Feature #51300: mgr/dashboard: run cephadm orch backend E2E testsResolvedAlfonso Martínez

Feature #51301: mgr/dashboard: create jenkins job: dashboard-cephadm-e2eResolvedAlfonso Martínez

Subtask #51612: mgr/dashboard: cephadm-e2e script: improvementsResolvedAlfonso Martínez

Subtask #52082: mgr/dashboard: cephadm e2e start script: add "--expanded" optionResolvedAlfonso Martínez

Subtask #53333: mgr/dashboard: cephadm e2e start script: deploy monitoring stack when --expandedIn ProgressAlfonso Martínez

Tasks #51640: mgr/dashboard: Cluster creation workflow followupsResolvedNizamudeen A

Tasks #51848: mgr/dashboard: Cluster creation review section followupsResolvedAvan Thakkar

Feature #51991: mgr/dashboard:Create OSDs section for Cluster creation workflowResolvedAashish Sharma

Feature #52017: mgr/dashboard: introduce gather facts in host listResolvedAvan Thakkar

Tasks #52298: mgr/dashboard: Use _no_schedule label instead of maintenance modeResolvedNizamudeen A

Tasks #52499: mgr/dashboard:Create OSDs section for Cluster creation workflow followupsResolvedNizamudeen A

Tasks #52645: mgr/dashboard: expand cluster dashboard e2e cleanupsResolvedNizamudeen A

Tasks #52758: mgr/dashboard: Create Services section for Cluster Creation WorkflowResolvedAashish Sharma

Feature #52759: mgr/dashboard: Add multiple hosts at once in Host FormResolvedAashish Sharma

Bug #53128: mgr/dashboard: Cluster Expansion - Review Section: fixes and improvementsResolved

Feature #50486: mgr/dashboard: expose CLI-like interface (tool-box)NewNizamudeen A

Feature #51051: mgr/dashboard: stretch cluster supportNewAvan Thakkar

Tasks #50340: mgr/dashboard: CephFSNew

Cleanup #50341: mgr/dashboard: typo: "Filesystems" to "File Systems"ResolvedKumar Navin Barnwal

Feature #51378: mgr/dashboard: Add the ability to filter using labels in osd creation form NewAashish Sharma

Feature #51516: mgr/dashboard: Implement Routable ModalsIn ProgressNizamudeen A

Tasks #51517: mgr/dashboard: Adpot routable modals in host add formResolvedNizamudeen A

Feature #53135: mgr/dashboard: alert doc link provided as a test field, not hyperlinkNewErnesto Puerta

Subtask #53398: mgr/dashboard: Check overall physical growth rateIn ProgressPere Díaz Bou

Feature #53919: mgr/dashboard: hint users about host resource utilization and service allocationNew

Feature #54330: mgr/dashboard: OSD Creation Workflow RefactoringResolvedNizamudeen A

Tasks #54339: mgr/dashboard: Cost/Capacity Optimized deployment (backend)ResolvedPere Díaz Bou

Tasks #54340: mgr/dashboard: Cost/Capacity Optimized deployment (frontend)ResolvedNizamudeen A

Tasks #54341: mgr/dashboard: e2e testing for the deployment scenariosNewAashish Sharma

Tasks #54563: mgr/dashboard: Cost/Capacity Optimized deployment (API integration)ResolvedSarthak Gupta


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