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01:52 PM Dashboard Backport #51685 (In Progress): pacific: mgr/dashboard: test_error force maintenance dashboard check


11:42 AM Dashboard Bug #51672 (Duplicate): mgr/dashboard: "AssertionError: Timed out retrying...
This is the duplicate of one Sage reported to us in the IRC I created a tracke...


08:27 AM Dashboard Tasks #51517 (Resolved): mgr/dashboard: Adpot routable modals in host add form
08:26 AM Dashboard Tasks #51640 (Fix Under Review): mgr/dashboard: Cluster creation workflow followups
07:59 AM Dashboard Tasks #51640 (Resolved): mgr/dashboard: Cluster creation workflow followups
1. Fix bug in the modal where going forward one step on the wizard and coming back opens up the add host modal.
2. R...


07:38 AM Dashboard Tasks #50566 (In Progress): mgr/dashboard: Review Section for the Create Cluster Workflow
07:37 AM Dashboard Tasks #50565 (Resolved): mgr/dashboard: Add host section for the Create Cluster Workflow
07:32 AM Dashboard Backport #51448 (In Progress): octopus: mgr/dashboard: bucket name input takes spaces eventhough ...
07:23 AM Dashboard Cleanup #51588 (New): mgr/dashboard: Host labels cleanups
The cephadm now has several meaningful labels like _admin, _no_schedule etc. From the dashboard side it doesn't make ...
06:56 AM Dashboard Feature #51587 (New): mgr/dashboard: implement host drain feature in dashboard
cephadm now supports the orch host drain command which will add a _no_schedule label to the host and drain all the se...

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