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12:48 PM Dashboard Bug #52764 (Pending Backport): mgr/dashboard: orchestrator/01-hosts.e2e-spec.ts fails
Adding backport to pacific because when agent goes into pacific, this failure will repeat in pacific too.


03:20 PM Dashboard Tasks #51848 (Resolved): mgr/dashboard: Cluster creation review section followups
03:19 PM Dashboard Feature #50336 (Fix Under Review): mgr/dashboard: "Create Cluster" workflow
01:10 PM Dashboard Bug #49344 (Resolved): mgr/dashboard: 'Test failure: test_pwd_expiration_date_update (tasks.mgr.d...
01:10 PM Dashboard Backport #52772 (Resolved): pacific: mgr/dashboard: 'Test failure: test_pwd_expiration_date_updat...
01:08 PM Dashboard Bug #51728 (Resolved): mgr/dashbord: force maintenance e2e failing for host
This should be resolved now since fix just got merged in pacific
01:08 PM Dashboard Cleanup #52276 (Resolved): mgr/dashboard: move force maintenance check to the workflow tests
01:08 PM Dashboard Backport #52763 (Resolved): pacific: mgr/dashboard: move force maintenance check to the workflow ...


12:11 PM sepia Support #52885: Sepia Lab Access Request
Hey Adam, these are new credentials. I've had to reset my laptop so the previous access has lost and I was not able t...
08:24 AM sepia Support #52885 (In Progress): Sepia Lab Access Request
1) Do you just need VPN access or will you also be running teuthology jobs?
I'll also be running teuthology jobs

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