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01:59 PM mgr Feature #39369: mgr/dashboard: show RGW multi-site sync status info
Thanks a lot, Casey, for this feedback.
Could we have the timestamp delta avail in the sync status output?
01:11 PM mgr Bug #43303 (New): mgr/dashboard: rbd-mirroring mode should be disabled when no rbd-mirroring daem...
QE team reported a usability issue. They find misleading to allow users to enable rbd-mirroring when no daemons are a...


08:14 PM mgr Bug #43152: mgr/dashboard: race condition causes dashboard frontend build to fail sometimes
@Kefu: this happens due to the prebuild hook (build env setting). npm scripts automagically execute pre-post hooks fo...
07:58 PM mgr Feature #39369: mgr/dashboard: show RGW multi-site sync status info
Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation, Casey!
The feedback we had from consultants and SAs when we checked wit...
01:18 PM mgr Cleanup #43286 (New): mgr/dashboard: refactor OSD actions menu
Currently cluster.OSD actions menu:
* Contains 11 sub-entries (while for UI usability the recommended is around 5-7 ...


05:12 PM mgr Feature #43264 (New): mgr/dashboard: audit current WCAG 2.1 support [accessibility - a11y]
While it's very likely that dashboard meets some accessibility guidelines (ARIA attributes, alt text, etc), we curren...
04:38 PM mgr Bug #43262 (New): mgr/dashboard: security: upgrade serialize-javascript
"GHSA-h9rv-jmmf-4pgx": Seems it might have no impact on dashboard, ...


08:49 PM mgr Fix #43165: mgr/dashboard: remove `/api/orchestrator/<resource>` endpoints if possible
> */api/orchestrator/status*
> Keep it or move to /api/summary.
We can keep this one (perhaps moving it to the ...


07:54 PM mgr Bug #43163 (New): mgr/dashboard: race condition when deleting Pools
As in other parts of the code (most in services.rbd), RBDConfiguration should gracefully handle exceptions (in this c...
03:59 PM mgr Bug #42431 (Won't Fix): mgr/dashboard: Language menu empty when only default language available
No issue in our downstream either as we're hiding the language menu. Closing.

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