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04:25 PM Ceph Bug #21669: osd: scrub scheduling can deadlock
As per conversation with Sage, this is likely Not a Bug (NaB).
09:57 AM Ceph Bug #21669: osd: scrub scheduling can deadlock
@sage Any further information on this?


07:22 PM rgw Bug #22444 (Need Review): rgw: normalize/duplicate 'rm' vs 'remove' vs 'del' in rgw commands
Commands in RGW have a similar issue as the original description (for the "ceph" command) below.
Original report f...


11:36 PM Ceph Cleanup #14363: normalize/duplicate 'rm' vs 'remove' vs 'del' in the CLI
I hope that this addresses the issue, please let me know if I missed anyth...
11:18 PM Ceph Cleanup #14363: normalize/duplicate 'rm' vs 'remove' vs 'del' in the CLI
See PR


09:12 PM fs Feature #20610: MDSMonitor: add new command to shrink the cluster in an automated way
Hi Douglas, is this something that you're still planning on working on? If not, I'm willing to have a look at it.
07:53 PM rgw Feature #21541: dynamic resharding will be excuted in a specific time
Hi Orit, if this is still up in the air I'd be interested in working on it. Are you requesting that resharding be sch...
06:43 PM Ceph Cleanup #20811: warning: ‘<<’ in boolean context, did you mean ‘<’ ? [-Wint-in-bool-context]
Hi Amit, my apologies as I hadn't seen you'd taken this (I was slow to do so!), but I have a PR here:


06:56 PM Ceph Bug #18873: Need to use thread safe random number generation (unless c++11 already provides this)
Just to make sure the signal isn't lost in the noise, the facility in this PR is an interface to the C++11 standard r...


08:50 PM Ceph Bug #20240: libradosstriper processes arbitrary printf placeholders in user input
@Stan K, I'll need to your email address to sign you off as the author of the patch, assuming that you've given me pe...

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