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09:35 AM mgr Feature #37402: mgr/dashboard: Merge Background task list and alerts/notifications into a single ...
Tiago Melo wrote:
> Few questions regarding this implementation:
> 1. Should we change the color of the icon when t...


02:32 PM mgr Bug #41314 (New): mgr/dashboard: Editing RGW bucket fails because of name is already in use
When editing an RGW bucket, the only field that can be changed is `Owner`.
When the owner is changed to `-- Select...
12:14 PM mgr Bug #41312 (New): mgr/dashboard: Bucket list is not reloaded automatically
When a bucket is created in another window or by another user, the list of buckets is not reloaded automatically and ...


12:59 PM mgr Bug #40693 (In Progress): mgr/dashboard: Switch to async/await for E2E tests
12:20 PM mgr Bug #41244 (Need More Info): mgr/dashboard: Confusing naming of buttons in edit dialogs
Ju, could you please look through the suggestions and let us know what you think about them?
12:07 PM mgr Bug #41244 (Need More Info): mgr/dashboard: Confusing naming of buttons in edit dialogs
Some colleagues provided some feedback about the naming of the buttons in dialogs which are used to apply changes.


09:16 AM mgr Feature #41223 (New): mgr/dashboard: Add smartctl data as an details tab of an OSD
As user who's facing drive failures, I want to see the smartctl details of an OSD to see its status. Additionally, t...


10:03 AM mgr Bug #24276: mgr/dashboard: Missing input validation on the dashboard backend
Sebastian Wagner wrote:
> do you have a concrete example, or is this a general issue?
The frontend prevents users...


03:15 PM mgr Bug #40428 (Pending Backport): mgr/dashboard: controllers/grafana is not Python 3 compatible
08:08 AM mgr Bug #40828 (Need Review): mgr/dashboard: User management button unclickable
When a user edits his own user and removes all roles, a modal dialog warns the user to proceed. If the user clicks on...

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