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02:41 PM mgr Bug #43177 (New): mgr/dashboard: smartctl data shown not integrated in tabset
When multiple devices are attached on a host, selecting a host leads to SMART data being shown outside of the tabset....


02:37 PM mgr Bug #43080 (Won't Fix): mgr/dashboard: exception on summary endpoint: "KeyError: 'dashboard'"
02:16 PM mgr Bug #42684 (Pending Backport): mgr/dashboard: KeyError on dashboard reload


03:08 PM mgr Bug #43121 (New): mgr/dashboard: revise monitoring documentation
The documentation of Prometheus and the Prometheus Alertmanager is hard to read and understand. It is explained that ...
12:15 PM mgr Feature #43120 (New): mgr/dashboard: stay on active tab
Currently, tabs are used on various places in the dashboard for various implementations. When the user has such a tab...
12:04 PM mgr Cleanup #43116 (New): mgr/dashboard: Add text to empty life expectancy column
The Life Expectancy column is empty if the disk prediction mgr module is disabled. It might also be empty when there'...


08:12 PM mgr Feature #42877 (Fix Under Review): mgr/dashboard: list configured prometheus alerts
12:09 PM mgr Fix #43102 (New): mgr/dashboard: remove E2E test workaround for autoscaler
Due to having a "workaround":


10:52 AM mgr Feature #43081 (New): mgr/dashboard: monitoring menu entry should indicate firing alerts
When any alert is firing, the "Monitoring" menu entry ("Cluster -> Monitoring" after #42877) should indicate the amou...


10:24 AM mgr Cleanup #43003 (New): mgr/dashboard: selectionType can be any string
For clarity and consistency, selectionType shouldn't be allowed to be any string for 'single' in CdTable class.

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