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05:11 PM mgr Bug #59580: memory leak (RESTful module, maybe others?)
We're seeing this anywhere from 1-3 times a day to once a week on all clusters running .13 and .14. We externally pol... David Orman


03:40 PM rgw Bug #59432: s3 error response should use Resource instead of BucketName
Casey Bodley wrote:
> the xml Error response is documented in
David Orman
03:38 PM rgw Bug #59433: s3 error response missing Message field
Casey Bodley wrote:
> some clients like veeam fail to decode the xml Error response if it's missing the Message fiel...
David Orman


01:43 PM rgw Backport #58170: pacific: RGW misplaces index entries after dynamically resharding bucket David Orman


02:06 PM Orchestrator Feature #43692: repave osds
For future reference: David Orman


07:25 PM rgw Bug #51327: Format of date/time header "x-amz-object-lock-retain-until-date" is incorrect (does not meet the S3 API)
We're working on the Pacific backport now (see backport trackers for status/progress, PR is in), and we'll check on t... David Orman


04:56 PM Orchestrator Bug #51027: monmap drops rebooted mon if deployed via label
We can confirm this impacts 16.2.5 clusters. On host failures/reboots, we have to undeploy/redeploy monitors, which i... David Orman


04:00 PM Orchestrator Bug #50526: OSD massive creation: OSDs not created
We've created a PR to fix the root cause of this issue: David Orman


04:06 PM Orchestrator Bug #50526: OSD massive creation: OSDs not created
To be clear, we have not applied this patch. I was merely adding information to point out the impact is not restricte... David Orman


10:32 PM Orchestrator Bug #50526: OSD massive creation: OSDs not created
Juan Miguel Olmo Martínez wrote:
> I think that the fix will also work for your issue, it would be nice if you can c...
David Orman

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