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01:31 PM mgr Tasks #40767 (In Progress): mgr/dashboard: Document all REST API endpoints
09:53 AM mgr Bug #40971 (Resolved): cephfs: MDS performance counters chart doesn't display data
09:52 AM Ceph Revision a48f7203 (ceph): Merge pull request #29371 from bk201/wip-40971
mgr/dashboard: fix MDS counter chart is not displayed
Reviewed-by: Ricardo Dias <>


12:48 PM Ceph Revision f57cdf46 (ceph): monmaptool: added --addv option to usage description
Signed-off-by: Ricardo Dias <>
10:17 AM mgr Feature #40953: nfs-ganesha: RGW based exports must use the same zonegroup as the nfs-ganesha dae...
This issue depends on the resolution of:
10:17 AM mgr Feature #40953 (New): nfs-ganesha: RGW based exports must use the same zonegroup as the nfs-ganes...
When creating an RGW based export, we need to list, or create, buckets that belong to the same zonegroup as the RGW d...
10:10 AM mgr Feature #40952 (New): rgw_client: support choosing RGW daemon to connect to based on realm/zonegroup
The current RgwClient helper class that abstract REST calls to the RGW Admin Ops API always connects to the first RGW...


01:24 PM Ceph Revision cf31e240 (ceph): mgr/dashboard: qa: fix RBD test when matching error strings
This commit fixes a problem caused by changes to the error
descriptions in the RBD python bindings introduced in:


10:23 AM Ceph Revision 47639cd7 (ceph): Merge pull request #29107 from ricardoasmarques/label-col-size-mgr-modu...
mgr/dashboard: Increase column size on mgr module form
Reviewed-by: Tiago Melo <>
10:23 AM Ceph Revision 9cf74876 (ceph): Merge pull request #29112 from ricardoasmarques/iscsi-gateway-status-he...
mgr/dashboard: Show iSCSI gateways status in the health page
Reviewed-by: Ricardo Dias <>

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