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04:11 PM mgr Feature #38697: mgr/dashboard: Enhance info shown in Landing Page cards 'PGs per OSD' & 'Raw Capa...
With regards to the "Raw Capacity" widget: I have received comments/requests that people would prefer to see the actu...
09:12 AM mgr Feature #39369: mgr/dashboard: show RGW multi-site sync status info
According to , the commands are @radosgw-admin metadata sync st...
08:59 AM mgr Feature #39037 (Pending Backport): mgr/dashboard: Localization for date picker module
08:58 AM Ceph Revision 58e99319 (ceph): Merge pull request #27275 from Devp00l/issue-39037
mgr/dashboard: Localization for date picker module
Reviewed-by: Alfonso Martínez <>
Reviewed-by: ...


12:19 PM mgr Feature #39352 (New): mgr/dashboard: Add support for device management
One of the new features in Ceph "Nautilus" is the possibility to list all devices associated to a specific daemon or ...


01:30 PM mgr Bug #39252: mgr/dashboard: RGW port autodetection does not support "Beast" RGW frontend
In general, when enhancing the autodetection, we should ensure that it also supports IPv6 addresses
12:40 PM mgr Bug #24453 (Pending Backport): mgr/dashboard: Manager should complain about wrong dashboard certi...
12:39 PM Ceph Revision 17c59e3d (ceph): Merge pull request #27036 from votdev/issue_24453
mgr/dashboard: Manager should complain about wrong dashboard certificate
Reviewed-by: Kefu Chai <>
12:37 PM mgr Documentation #36243 (Pending Backport): mgr/dashboard: code documentation
12:34 PM Ceph Revision 6a0911d1 (ceph): Merge pull request #27433 from rhcs-dashboard/wip-36243-master
mgr/dashboard: Add frontend code documentation
Reviewed-by: Stephan Müller <>
Reviewed-by: Tatjana ...

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