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08:42 AM RADOS Bug #47492 (Resolved): tools/ fix inaccurate pg map result when simulating osd out
When simulating osd out, it will always adjust this osd's crush weight to 1.0. Hence the pg map result is not same as...


10:57 AM fs Bug #47379 (Rejected): mds: mark no warn on killed request
It is unnecessary to report slow request on killed ones, otherwise cause continous false alarms.


04:37 AM fs Bug #46906 (Fix Under Review): mds: fix file recovery crash after replaying delayed requests
When client replay stage or active stage just started, MDS replayed delayed requests firstly, then tried to recover f...


02:49 AM fs Bug #46616: client: avoid adding inode already in the caps delayed list
Zheng Yan wrote:
> what's symptom of this bug?
haven't hit any issue on production yet. We found this issue by re...


03:08 AM fs Bug #46616 (Fix Under Review): client: avoid adding inode already in the caps delayed list
Under multiple MDSes env, ceph-fuse client might add inode which is already in the caps delayed list.


05:03 AM mgr Bug #46440 (Resolved): mgr: don't update osd stat which is already out
When our OSDs get hang and have slow requests, we try to identify the strange hang issue and also let the cluster get...


02:45 AM fs Bug #46129 (Pending Backport): mds: fix hang issue when accessing a file under a lost parent dire...
Once a while we had encountered some serious problem that resulted in some metadata lost. After we brought the MDS up...


04:46 AM fs Bug #43362 (Resolved): client: disallow changing fuse_default_permissions option at runtime
If fuse_default_permissions is false when initializing fuse, then ceph-fuse will use its own permission check. If cha...


08:11 AM fs Bug #42251 (Resolved): mds: no assert on frozen dir when scrub path


08:07 AM fs Bug #41242 (Closed): mds: re-introudce mds_log_max_expiring to control expiring concurrency manually
In some case, huge of mds segments could be expired concurrently, which might bring very heavy loads to OSDs and we c...

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