Zhi Zhang





05:37 AM bluestore Bug #49256: src/os/bluestore/ FAILED ceph_assert(!c)
We encountered this issue on 14.2.11 version. Any idea about how to quickly workaround it?


04:38 AM CephFS Bug #49157 (Resolved): mon/ fix join fscid not applied with pending fsmap at boot
At boot stage, mds new_info.join_fscid is set after new_info is added to pending fsmap. Hence join_fscid will be upda...


10:00 AM CephFS Feature #48246 (Resolved): client: dump which fs is used by client for multiple-fs
Under multiple-fs scenario, we may need to quickly find out which fs is used by client for debugging online issues.


03:14 AM CephFS Bug #47806 (Resolved): mon/MDSMonitor: divide mds identifier and mds real name with dot
Current health detail outputs mds slow request as below....


10:41 AM CephFS Bug #47662 (Resolved): mds: try to replicate hot dir to restarted MDS
Hot dir would be replicated to other active MDSes, but if replica MDS restarted, auth MDS won't replicate this dir ag...


08:42 AM RADOS Bug #47492 (Resolved): tools/ fix inaccurate pg map result when simulating osd out
When simulating osd out, it will always adjust this osd's crush weight to 1.0. Hence the pg map result is not same as...


10:57 AM CephFS Bug #47379 (Rejected): mds: mark no warn on killed request
It is unnecessary to report slow request on killed ones, otherwise cause continous false alarms.


04:37 AM CephFS Bug #46906 (Resolved): mds: fix file recovery crash after replaying delayed requests
When client replay stage or active stage just started, MDS replayed delayed requests firstly, then tried to recover f...


02:49 AM CephFS Bug #46616: client: avoid adding inode already in the caps delayed list
Zheng Yan wrote:
> what's symptom of this bug?
haven't hit any issue on production yet. We found this issue by re...


03:08 AM CephFS Bug #46616 (Rejected): client: avoid adding inode already in the caps delayed list
Under multiple MDSes env, ceph-fuse client might add inode which is already in the caps delayed list.

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