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08:07 PM Ceph Backport #42029: backport endianness fixes to nautilus
Thanks Nathan. I did not know that this ticket was optional. I would like to keep this ticket in order to track all t...


08:30 PM RADOS Bug #39174 (Pending Backport): crushtool crash on Fedora 28 and newer
On Fedora 29, Fedora 30, and RHEL 8, /usr/bin/crushtool crashes when trying to compile the map that Rook uses.


10:43 PM mgr Bug #38942: HEALTH_OK is reported with no managers (or OSDs) in the cluster
I think it would be good to report HEALTH_WARN immediately when there are no mgrs or OSDs present instead of waiting.


05:19 PM ceph-cm-ansible Revision 69d68e8c (ceph-cm-ansible): RHEL 8 uses Red Hat's beta key
The RHEL 8 beta is signed with the beta key, not the GA key.


06:05 PM Ceph Bug #38517: filestore OSDs attempting to come up as bluestore
I'm guessing the OSD fails to start for some other reason. systemd ignores settings that it does not know about. The ...


08:10 PM Ceph Bug #38144: nautilus: 14.0.1 build fails in fedora rawhide mass rebuild w/ gcc/g++ 9
Kaleb would you please link to the GitHub pull request with those changes?


10:03 PM Ceph Revision f74c76c2 (ceph): rpm: build __pycache__ directories on RHEL 8
In RHEL 8, rpmbuild does not automatically generate __pycache__
directories. Generate them explicitly with the %py_by...
10:03 PM Ceph Revision 217c3f4c (ceph): rpm: fix pyOpenSSL requirement for RHEL 8
On RHEL 7, this package is named "pyOpenSSL", but on RHEL 8, Fedora, and
SUSE, it is named "python3-pyOpenSSL".
10:03 PM Ceph Revision 2273bfce (ceph): rpm: fix python dependencies on RHEL 8
On RHEL 8, the python34-* and Cython packages are named identically to
Fedora (eg "python3-Cython"). Move the Python ...


11:37 PM ceph-cm-ansible Revision f48da0ed (ceph-cm-ansible): add GPG checking for RHEL 8
The RHEL 8 beta is GPG-signed, so we might as well verify signatures.

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