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08:23 AM rgw Bug #63004: CVE-2023-43040 - Improperly verified POST keys.
I believe the attached S3 test is missing the bucket name in the form-data (thereby not actually testing the CVE), i.... Nicolas Lindae


08:03 AM ceph-volume Bug #58812 (Resolved): ceph-volume prepare doesn't use partitions as-is anymore
The @is_device@ function in @ceph-volume/util/ is supposed to return false for partitions. This is later used... Nicolas Lindae


07:50 AM ceph-volume Bug #52615 (New): ceph-volume should fail if luksFormat fails
When setting up an encrypted OSD with a DB/WAL device using ceph-volume, ceph-volume will try to luksFormat the OSD a... Nicolas Lindae


11:02 AM rgw Bug #51096 (Won't Fix): rgw: octopus fails to parse pacific's bucket layout
I have an octopus cluster (15.2.13), when I edit the owner of a bucket using a pacific 16.2.4 client, the octopus cli... Nicolas Lindae

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