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02:30 AM Dashboard Bug #44808 (New): mgr/dashboard: Allow users to specify an unmanaged ServiceSpec when creating OSDs
02:29 AM Dashboard Feature #44865 (New): mgr/dashboard: support zapping devices


01:55 PM Orchestrator Tasks #48780: cephadm qa: Add teuthology test for non-trivial drive groups to qa/rados/suites/cep...
The rados/cephadm/dashboard suite partially achieve this.


02:02 AM Dashboard Bug #48717 (Fix Under Review): mgr/dashboard: Client Read/Write donut chart is not correct


07:43 AM Dashboard Bug #48717 (Resolved): mgr/dashboard: Client Read/Write donut chart is not correct
h3. Description of problem
(This issue is reported by user Petronny in #ceph-dashboard)
The proportion of WRITE...


09:15 AM Dashboard Bug #48686 (New): mgr/dashboard: permission denied when creating a NFS export
h3. Description of problem
Fail to create a NFS export with CephFS FSAL in a Cephadm cluster.
h3. How reproduci...


11:16 AM Dashboard Bug #48294 (Resolved): mgr/dashboard: links to documentation broken
The redirection from http to https was fixed in RTD.
And Kefu also made a PR (


09:28 AM Dashboard Bug #48532 (Triaged): mgr/dashboard: OSD I/O stats freeze if OSD is DOWN
h3. Description of problem
The *Read Bytes*, *Write Bytes*, *Read ops*, and *Write ops* values freeze after an OSD...


09:55 AM Dashboard Bug #48506 (Fix Under Review): AttributeError: module 'lib' has no attribute 'Cryptography_HAS_TL...
07:59 AM Dashboard Bug #48506 (In Progress): AttributeError: module 'lib' has no attribute 'Cryptography_HAS_TLSEXT_...

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