POE (Page Of Errors)

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Current Problems

  • (Sep-20) Stale jobs detected, aborting. - Caused by teuthology commit ffd14be3bd79baec5d9cafd8972d592085e0e099. nuke calls add_remotes(), which now doesn't do anything if roles is not in the config (which it won't be for nuke) - dmick (logged by dgalloway)
  • (Aug-23) libvirt: XML-RPC error : End of file while reading data. ubuntu user got removed from libvirtd group (dgalloway)
  • (Aug-17) cannot import name clear_firewall (David Galloway .. Noticed by DavidZ)
  • (Aug-16) ceph-cm-ansible was causing every job to fail due to a bad default. You can ignore failures like: {'msg': 'with_dict expects a dict','failed': True} (Josh Durgin)
  • (Aug-3) ERROR! the file_name
    '/var/lib/teuthworker/src/ceph-cm-ansible_master/paddles.yml' does not
    (Alfredo Deza)
    Should be fixed and only affected jobs in a pretty small time window. (Zack Cerza)