Is Ceph Production-Quality


Ceph’s object store (RADOS) is production ready. Large-scale storage systems (i.e., petabytes of data) use Ceph’s RESTful Object Gateway (RGW), which provides APIs compatible with Amazon’s S3 and OpenStack’s Swift. Many deployments also use the Ceph Block Device (RBD), including deployments of OpenStack and CloudStack. Inktank provides commercial support for the Ceph object store, Object Gateway, block devices and CephFS with running a single metadata server.

The CephFS POSIX-compliant filesystem is functionally complete and has been evaluated by a large community of users. There are production systems using CephFS with a single metadata server. The Ceph community is actively testing clusters with multiple metadata servers for quality assurance. Once CephFS passes QA muster when running with multiple metadata servers, Inktank will provide commercial support for CephFS with multiple metadata servers, too.