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h1. Community



h3. Working Groups

This [[Working_Groups|page]] contains a listing of Ceph Working Groups.

h3. Call For Proposal Coordination

If you're proposing a talk or have an accepted talk at a conference related to Ceph content or adjacent projects of Ceph, please "coordinate with the community":

h3. Meetups

This [[Meetups|page]] contains a listing of Ceph meetups and logistics contacts.

h3. Press

This [[Press|page]] contains mentions of Ceph in mainstream press, high profile blog posts, or other notable media.

For a list of regularly syndicated blogs featuring Ceph please check out the "Ceph Planet aggregator":

h3. Ceph User Committee

This [[Ceph User Committee|page]] contains information relevant to the Ceph User Committee.

h3. Speakers

This [[Speakers|page]] contains a list of people willing to present on various Ceph-related topics. If you have a meetup, tradeshow, or other event you would like Ceph expertise had feel free to contact a speaker near you to discuss particulars.

h3. Event Calendar

This [[Event Calendar|page]] contains events happening in the Ceph community.

h3. Ceph in Academia

This [[Ceph in Academia|page]] lists Ceph's involvement in the academic community.