Chat Log - Sessions 17-29

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* loicd listening to playback of tonight feed    03:30
loicd    ccourtaut: I'm breaking up sometimes ( not hearing what people say ) around 0:38 in . Do you experience the same problem ? If you listen from 0:38 to 0:39 without breaking up you don't have the same problem and it's just on my side ;-)    03:47
ccourtaut    loicd, oh you mean you don't hear sage but his lips are moving?    03:50
ccourtaut    he told yesterday he was sorry about that, we he types, it mutes, and it happens that he types while talking    03:51
ccourtaut    loicd, iirc    03:51
joelio    yea    03:51
loicd    ccourtaut: yes    03:51
loicd    oh, ok    03:51
loicd    ccourtaut: thanks    03:52
loicd    it's better now    03:52
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loicd    ccourtaut: I prepared this    04:39
loicd    does it make sense to you ?    04:40
* ccourtaut looking    05:00
loicd    I've added a few lines at the beginning of feel free to edit if you don't like how it's done    05:03
loicd    leseb: \o    05:03
leseb    loicd: o/    05:03
loicd    leseb: did you attend yestereday ?    05:06
leseb    loicd: barely and you? it was too late    05:07
leseb    loicd: and you?    05:07
loicd    same :-)    05:07
leseb    just read some BPs and pads today    05:07
loicd    which ones ?    05:07
* loicd starting with    05:08
leseb    loicd: rbd: shared read cache and rbd: namespace support    05:09
leseb    loicd: bbl    05:11
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loicd    ccourtaut: if you have a few minutes, it would be great if you could review / patch this :-)    06:11
loicd    yehudasa: I suggest that teuthology is made more friendly for non-inktank users as part of a better continuous integration    06:13
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joelio    should the tenants be driven by a standard API (EC2, OCCI etc.?)    06:15
loicd    joelio: good idea :-) using euca2ools would make teuthology somewhat agnostic    06:21
joelio    :)    06:22
joelio    I use OpenNebula here, so anything that is cross-platform is win for me    06:22
ccourtaut    loicd, looks good to me    06:24
loicd    :-)    06:25
* loicd takes a break before the summit starts    06:25
joelio    loicd: added that to pad btw    06:25
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sagewk    good morning!    06:46
joelio    sagewk: morning    06:49
joelio    (afternoon!)    06:49
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sagewk    good afternoon, EMEA!  :)    06:52
rturk    Hello all!    06:52
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*** rturk changes topic to "summit schedule: || live video stream: || ping rturk to join the hangout"    06:54
rturk    ** Session "Welcome, Introduction, and Summit Process" starting in 5 minutes! || pad:    06:55
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rturk    ** Session "Welcome, Introduction, and Summit Process" starting now! || pad:    07:00
rturk    live video stream:    07:00
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loicd    joelio: cool :-)    07:05
loicd    ccourtaut: would you agree to take notes during the erasure coding session ?    07:06
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loicd sjust would you agree to walkthru your erasure code design document  ? I outlined the agenda at    07:11
sjustlaptop    sure    07:13
ccourtaut    loicd, sure    07:13
loicd    ccourtaut: sjustlaptop cool ;-)    07:16
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rturk    ** Session "osd: Erasure coded storage backend" starting in 5 minutes! || blueprint: || pad:    07:25
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    07:25
rturk    I know sjustlaptop and loicd were listed as interested parties for the erasure coded storage backend session    07:26
rturk    anyone else?    07:26
scuttlemonkey    ccourtaut was going to take notes, so he should probably get an invite    07:27
rturk    ok    07:27
scuttlemonkey    so he's live and not delayed    07:27
rturk    ok - ccourtaut, invite sent via pm    07:28
rturk    ** Session "osd: Erasure coded storage backend" starting now! || blueprint: || pad:    07:31
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    07:31
rturk    hey just kidding about that pad link.  It's actually here:    07:34
mikedawson    loicd: My team will be able to be an alpha tester    07:40
loicd    mikedawson: excellent news :-)    07:40
sagewk    awesome!    07:40
joelio    loicd: me too, inherited a few more test nodes today    07:42
scuttlemonkey    joelio: hey, did you ever do that internal technote?    07:42
loicd    coool added to    07:42
joelio    scuttlemonkey: oh, much more than that - built the full platform :)    07:43
joelio    I guess the asnwer is yes, I can do a community post :)    07:43
scuttlemonkey    haha    07:43
scuttlemonkey    only if you have time/interest    07:43
rturk    :)    07:43
scuttlemonkey    I just remember you saying the technote would be an easy drop-in post    07:43
scuttlemonkey    but anything works :)    07:44
joelio    scuttlemonkey: sure have, talking about it at OpenNebulaConf in September, along with out use cases    07:44
scuttlemonkey    yeah, that's what made me think of it actually    07:44
scuttlemonkey    Jaime mentioned you were speaking    07:44
joelio    s/out/our    07:44
joelio    yea, wanted to drive some actual usage by users.. otherwise we'd be talking about a fairly sparse system. They are coming thick and fast now, users love it    07:45
scuttlemonkey    also didn't realize you were doing OpenNebula until recently    07:45
scuttlemonkey    I'll need to stand that up and become more familiar with it now that there are real live people using ceph+opennebula together    07:46
joelio    yea, I had to wait for about a month to get approval.. BBC beaurocracy.. <rolls eyes?    07:46
scuttlemonkey    haha    07:46
Vincent_Valentine    why are we writing multiple OSDs for a single write?    07:46
scuttlemonkey    big orgs same the world over    07:46
joelio    yup"    07:46
jyluke    I will be interested in opennebula+ceph as well, will be starting to do within the a few weeks time    07:46
Vincent_Valentine    If we write single OSD, the problem of logs factored over multiple OSDs will not be there.    07:46
joshd    Vincent_Valentine: replication is synchronous, writes go to the primary osd, which forwards them to other osds in the acting set and waits for all of them to apply the write before telling the client it's complete    07:47
Vincent_Valentine    Who is going to do erasure coding? Client or Another OSD?    07:49
Vincent_Valentine    If its another OSD, I can think of just replicating logs over 2/3 OSDs    07:52
rturk    ** Session "osd: cache pool overlay" starting in 5 minutes! || blueprint: || pad:    07:55
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    07:55
Vincent_Valentine    but it would simplify recovery ... am i wrong ?    07:55
rturk    sjust: ^    07:56
sjustlaptop    I'm not sure, can you expand on that?    07:56
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Vincent_Valentine    Im thinking on rolling forward for erasure coded tier. If logs are replicated, instead of fragmented by coding, recovery would be similar to replication PG    07:58
scuttlemonkey    sjustlaptop: ^^    07:59
Vincent_Valentine    1 more question ... How efficient would erasure coding would be for small object? And how does this translate to erasure coded RDB?    07:59
sjustlaptop    oh, logs will be replicated    08:00
sjustlaptop    rather than coded    08:00
sjustlaptop    the trouble is rolling forward the actual objects    08:00
sjustlaptop    the pg logs do not contain the full append data, for example    08:00
sagewk    Vincent_Valentine: can only roll forward if you have the M/N shards    08:00
sjustlaptop    (though perhaps they could)    08:00
sagewk    for replication, any 1 replica is enough    08:00
Vincent_Valentine    Understand that .. trying to simplify log consistency problem by detaching logs from erasure coding.    08:02
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Vincent_Valentine    [Repost] 1 more question ... How efficient would erasure coding would be for small object? And how does this translate to erasure coded RDB?    08:02
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sagewk    Vincent_Valentine: see bottom of pad    08:04
Vincent_Valentine    sagewk .. what abt erasure coded RDB    08:05
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Vincent_Valentine    so would there be tiers .. ? Is it planned in this release?    08:06
sjustlaptop    stay tuned!    08:06
rturk    ** Session "osd: cache pool overlay" starting now! || blueprint: || pad:    08:06
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    08:06
Vincent_Valentine    :) .. i think its not same as caching ...    08:07
rturk    Vincent_Valentine: would you like to join the hangout?    08:07
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rturk    might be easier than dealing with the live video feed delay    08:07
sjustlaptop    there are discusions for both tiering and caching    08:07
Vincent_Valentine    Heh ... m fine ... would like to participate in this though .. whom to contact ?    08:08
scuttlemonkey    loicd is the one driving erasure coding    08:08
scuttlemonkey    but for anything I would add yourself to the blueprint and start chatting with folks in irc and on the lists    08:09
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Vincent_Valentine    Sure .. will do.. thanks    08:10
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rturk    ** Session "osd: object redirects" starting soon! || blueprint: || pad:    08:13
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    08:13
Vincent_Valentine    Is cache pool replicated?    08:13
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Vincent_Valentine    isnt that expensive for NAND ?    08:14
sjustlaptop    Vincent_Valentine: well, you could set replication to 1 (no replication)    08:15
sjustlaptop    but that would have an effect on durability    08:15
Vincent_Valentine    But then I loose all durability requirement ... cause we are modifying in cache pool    08:15
sjustlaptop    yes    08:16
sjustlaptop    could do write-through, I suppose    08:16
Vincent_Valentine    I was assuming write-through and no replication    08:16
sjustlaptop    would only accelerate reads    08:16
sjustlaptop    might be worthwhile though    08:16
Vincent_Valentine    To simplify this .. I would suggest two types of pools ... replicated for write-backs and unreplicated for unmodified data ...Question is who is managing write-back flushing? What policies? Who maintain write ordering?    08:18
sjustlaptop    Vincent_Valentine: as I understand it, the cache pool primary manages write ordering    08:19
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joshd    there are no ordering guarantees with operations on different objects    08:19
Vincent_Valentine    aah ... then how does this work on RBD? 4MB objects with no ordering garuntee?    08:20
sjustlaptop    Vincent_Valentine: most disks don't give much in the way of ordering guarrantees either    08:20
joshd    all you can tell with most disks is 1 sector will be atomic (with rbd it's anything to a single object, and object boundaries will align with sectors in the virtual disk)    08:21
Vincent_Valentine    It was regarding eviction ordering for write-back cache. (especially RBD)    08:22
rturk    ** Session "osd: object redirects" starting now! || blueprint: || pad:    08:29
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    08:29
Vincent_Valentine    Just to be sure, we will promote whole object on caching pool? .... There would be case for doing small block(4KB) caching than object caching ...    08:29
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scuttlemonkey    sagewk: just fyi, about 10m until objecter is slated, although we can probably eat into the break a bit    08:36
rturk    ** Session "librados/objecter: smarter localized reads" starting soon! || blueprint: || pad:    08:40
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    08:40
davidzlap    Need new code for a "delete foo, create foo" seeing with DELETING state?    08:42
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rturk    ** Session "librados/objecter: smarter localized reads" starting now! || blueprint: || pad:    08:49
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    08:49
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loicd    what parts of ceph use Objecter ?    08:56
sjustlaptop    loicd: clients    08:57
sjustlaptop    it's the ball of logic responsible for determining where to send client io    08:57
loicd    ohhhh    08:57
joshd    mainly librados, ceph-fuse, and the mds use it directly - other clients use librados    08:57
loicd    :-D    08:57
loicd    now I get it !    08:57
* loicd relieved    08:58
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sagewk    :)    09:00
sagewk    the goofy Objecter name strikes again    09:00
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*** rturk changes topic to "summit schedule: || live video stream: || ping rturk to join the hangout"    09:09
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rturk    ** Session "rgw: Multi-region / Disaster Recovery" starting in 5 minutes || blueprint: || pad:    09:10
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    09:10
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loicd    I'd like to join in ~1h :-)    09:12
loicd    rturk: ^    09:12
rturk    We are about to relaunch our live stream:    09:12
rturk    loic: ok    09:12
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sagewk    ccourtaut: are you joining as well?    09:16
rturk    sagewk: he's already in the hangout    09:16
ccourtaut    sagewk, already in    09:16
ccourtaut    :)    09:16
rturk    ** Session "rgw: Multi-region / Disaster Recovery" starting now! || blueprint: || pad:    09:17
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    09:17
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sagewk    we lost yehudasa!    09:29
joelio    heading home, will be about for the rbd: cloud management platform features    09:35
joelio    rturk: could I register my interest in hangouts now please pal?    09:36
rturk    Yep, I'll write you down for that session    09:36
joelio    ace, thanks    09:37
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rturk    ** Session "rgw: bucket level quota" scheduled to start in 5 minutes || blueprint: || pad:    09:42
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    09:42
rturk    ** Session "rgw: bucket level quota" starting now! || blueprint: blueprint: || pad:    09:47
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    09:47
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wido    so I missed the question :)    10:01
wido    sagewk: ^^    10:02
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scuttlemonkey    hey wido    10:05
wido    hey    10:05
nwl    hi    10:05
scuttlemonkey    trying to figure out the use case for bucket-level quotas    10:05
* wido was already listening in    10:05
wido    just missed the questions about the quota enforcement    10:05
wido    there is some serious lag in the video I think :)    10:06
scuttlemonkey    yes, the youtube link is maybe 2-3 mins behind the hangout    10:07
nwl    so it can be censored for bad language    10:07
scuttlemonkey    or wardrobe malfunctions :P    10:07
wido    Anyway, I don't think quota restriction has to be very tight    10:08
wido    a near perfect quota is fine for 99% of the situations    10:08
wido    maybe even 99.99%    10:08
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rturk    ** Session "rgw: Create and Maintain S3 feature list" scheduled to start in 5 minutes || blueprint: || pad:    10:10
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    10:10
rturk    ** Session "rgw: Create and Maintain S3 feature list" starting now! || blueprint: || pad:    10:13
loicd    10:17
loicd    that's what christophe is describing currently    10:17
yehudasa    10:25
yehudasa    copy pasted into my hangout window and the window is stuck now    10:25
rturk    ** Session “Continuous Integration” scheduled to start in 5 minutes || pad:    10:26
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    10:26
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rturk    I wonder whether this list should live on the wiki?    10:27
rturk    if it's important that the barrier to editing is low, anyway    10:27
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rturk    ** Session "Continuous Integration" starting now! || pad:    10:33
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    10:33
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sagewk    question for the room: who loves/hates gerrit?    10:38
scuttlemonkey    sagewk: having used it in the past, I really liked it    10:40
scuttlemonkey    was very approachable and (if done right) quite scalable    10:40
joshd    I strongly dislike gerrit - it only handles one commit at a time (encouraging unreviewable and too-large patches)    10:41
ircolle1    joshd - you can create a tree of patches    10:41
paravoid    wikimedia uses gerrit for pretty much everything    10:42
joshd    yes, but they're not reviewed or committed atomically    10:42
ircolle1    joshd - right    10:42
paravoid    I can provide some insight if you want    10:42
ircolle1    paravoid - want to join the hangout?    10:42
scuttlemonkey    paravoid: that would be great    10:42
*** sjustlaptop has joined #ceph-summit    10:42
joshd    and you're building and testing and reviewing every singe commit instead of a branch (i.e. a pull request)    10:42
rturk    sent link to you, paravoid    10:42
rturk    although the hangout is nearly full    10:43
paravoid    yeah, full    10:43
rturk    and now it's totally full - anyone wanna drop back to the video stream to let paravoid in?    10:44
ircolle1    I'll drop    10:44
nwl    "Pull out! You're not doing any good back there!"    10:45
* ircolle1 stuffs nwl back in his cage    10:46
nwl    "Good shot, Janson!"    10:47
nwl    i am just quoting random shit now    10:47
paravoid    10:47
*** nhm has joined #ceph-summit    10:48
*** abluemle has joined #ceph-summit    10:49
rturk    I seem to hear "we use garrit but have put some work into it" a lot    10:49
*** lyncos has quit IRC    10:50
*** ksp has joined #ceph-summit    10:53
paravoid    wikimedia's CI central stuff is    10:54
paravoid    central page even    10:54
paravoid    all in all, I don't think you can easily use both gerrit & github at the same time    10:55
paravoid    and to be frank, I wouldn't switch to gerrit at this point if I were you    10:55
scuttlemonkey    ahh    10:56
zackc    i'm on IRC at least :)    10:56
paravoid    okay, dropping from the hangout to open up a slot    10:56
scuttlemonkey    paravoid: thanks for the overview though...that insight is invaluable    10:57
*** sjustlaptop has quit IRC    10:59
*** sjustlaptop has joined #ceph-summit    10:59
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joelio    rturk: will just be on IRC later, got people visiting at home - can just about get away with typing.. full conference might be a little rude :)    11:05
rturk    ok :)    11:06
joelio    hopefully be able to add some ONE insight anyway    11:06
rturk    lmk if that changes    11:06
joelio    np    11:06
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wido    scuttlemonkey: I'm here for the librgw session    11:11
*** nwat has joined #ceph-summit    11:11
*** rturk changes topic to "summit schedule: || live video stream: || ping rturk to join the hangout"    11:11
wido    rturk: ^^    11:11
rturk    wido, sending hangout link via pm    11:12
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rturk    ** Session “librgw” starting now! || blueprint: || pad:    11:16
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    11:16
rturk    If you're looking for the live video stream, it's here:    11:21
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joelio    rturk: yea, I should be in after all.. can escape for 1/2 hour    11:30
rturk    joelio: ok - link sent via pm    11:31
*** nhm has joined #ceph-summit    11:31
scuttlemonkey    joelio: fwiw, that link will work until the end of the summit    11:31
scuttlemonkey    so feel free to drop in/out as you need ot    11:31
scuttlemonkey    to*    11:31
joelio    cheers guys    11:32
ksp    I'm new to the chat. Which questions should go to IRC and which  ones to the PAD ?    11:38
ircolle1    ksp - either is fine    11:38
scuttlemonkey    ksp: feel free to drop them either place    11:38
joelio    you'll have to excuse my crappy webcam mic btw, not got my headset with me today    11:40
scuttlemonkey    no worries    11:40
rturk    ** Session “msgr: infiniband support via rsockets” scheduled to start in 5 minutes || blueprint: || pad:    11:40
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    11:40
scuttlemonkey    I keep putting myself on mute so I don't pick up ambient noise    11:40
joelio    yep, right next to a road here too so will have to do that    11:41
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rturk    ** Session “msgr: infiniband support via rsockets” starting now! || blueprint: || pad:    11:46
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    11:46
ircolle1    I dropped to  make room    11:46
ccourtaut    same for me    11:46
sagewk    abluemle: care to join?    11:47
abluemle    andreas is here    11:47
ksp    Andreas and I are connected    11:47
abluemle    but only via chat    11:47
scuttlemonkey    no mic? Would love to have you on the broadcast, instead of just the youtube link && irc    11:48
dalgaaf    hi dieter and andreas    11:48
ksp    Hi danny    11:49
abluemle    sorry:Ö no mic, no webcam    11:49
dmick    that makes it more difficult :)    11:49
*** sjustlaptop has quit IRC    11:49
*** sjustlaptop has joined #ceph-summit    11:50
abluemle    Agree on the internal implementation via r*()    11:50
abluemle    IP is only relevant for connection establishment    11:51
sagewk    but do you need to know whether the peer is rsockets or does it fallb ack?    11:51
sagewk    i.e. can you use r* calls unconditionally and let magic happen?    11:51
abluemle    It does not fall back afaik    11:51
ksp    libSDP does use the fallback logic, and this fallback behavior can be added to rsockets as well    11:52
abluemle    libsdp is different concerning fall back: it does fall back to regular TCP sockets    11:52
abluemle    The IP address does not tell you about the rsocket character of the connection    11:54
abluemle    sth. like cluster network on rsockets and public network on regular sockets    11:56
ksp    The use case would be to run the cluster network with IB + rsockets and the client network still with Eth + IP-socket    11:56
rturk    ** Session “rbd: cloud management platform features” scheduled to start soon || blueprint: || pad:    11:57
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    11:57
abluemle    no kernel so far    11:57
ksp    we are considering to port rsocket to the kernel, but not decided yet    11:58
ksp    Sean Hefty    11:58
ksp    Sean Hefty from Intel own rsockets    11:58
sagewk    libdsp is EOL right?    11:58
dstroppa    rturk: can I have the link for the hangout for the cloud mgt platform?    11:58
ksp    yes, SDP is EOL    11:58
rturk    dstroppa: sent via pm, thanks :)    11:59
abluemle    For SDP there were userland and kernel parts    11:59
abluemle    option support is avaiable in rsocket    12:00
ksp    SDP has some license / legal risks ... this might be the reason for EOL    12:00
sagewk    what is option support?    12:00
ksp    sorry, didn't get the question    12:01
abluemle    setsockopt()    12:01
dmick    Did Matthew Anderson ever get anywhere, I wonder?    12:01
dalgaaf    Dieter: it's about "option support is avaiable in rsocket"    12:02
abluemle    blocking vs. non-blocking: I am not sure about the current support in rsockets.    12:02
rturk    ** Session “rbd: cloud management platform features” starting now! || blueprint: || pad:    12:04
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    12:04
*** dosaboy_ has joined #ceph-summit    12:05
sagewk    abluemle: ksp: thanks!    12:06
ksp    you are welcome    12:06
loicd    leseb: could you please link the blueprint ?    12:13
leseb    loicd: which one?    12:14
loicd    the one you're pushing    12:15
leseb    loicd:    12:15
loicd    leseb: you can ignore me for the next 30 minutes and answer later ;-)    12:15
sagewk    zackc: what to look at ?    12:16
sagewk    add any notes for things we should discuss?    12:16
*** sjustlaptop has quit IRC    12:16
*** sjustlaptop has joined #ceph-summit    12:18
*** abluemle has left #ceph-summit    12:19
*** ksp has left #ceph-summit    12:20
zackc    sagewk: looking now    12:22
rturk    ** Session “Teuthology” scheduled to start soon || pad:    12:25
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    12:25
zackc    rturk: i'd like to join    12:26
joelio    I'm out    12:26
scuttlemonkey    joelio: thanks for joining :)    12:26
joelio    n/p :)    12:26
rturk    zackc: link sent via pm    12:26
jyluke    just wondering, how's ceph with opennebula? would there be a lot of effort to get them work together?    12:26
rturk    thanks, joelio!    12:26
rturk    jyluke: someone actually just presented about that at Ceph Day    12:26
scuttlemonkey    Jaime has done a pretty decent job of blogging and documenting OpenNebula && Ceph    12:27
scuttlemonkey    12:27
joelio    yea, I'm liking it    12:27
scuttlemonkey    12:28
joelio    it sounds like the other management stacks have similar challenges, like lack of abstractions to handle types other than file, dev etc..    12:28
Tamil    rturk: pull me in too for teuthology    12:28
jyluke    ah.. thanks. will try it out after our holidays here in malaysia. any catchas that i should be aware of?    12:28
joelio    jyluke: If you need any help getting it going, ping me on #opennebula    12:29
rturk    Tamil: Okay - we're running at capacity now but you should be there    12:29
jyluke    thanks joelio    12:29
Tamil    rturk: oh ok thanks    12:30
joelio    not really, but there are subtle differences depending on your implementation. Most of the gotchas have been cought, the difficult ones to capture are distro and version nuances    12:30
joelio    (in terms of gotas I mean!)    12:30
scuttlemonkey    Tamil: when we start I'm guessing a couple of these guys will switch to consume rather than be on the broadcast    12:30
*** houkouonchi_work has joined #ceph-summit    12:31
*** fooz has left #ceph-summit    12:31
joelio    there's definitely room for improvement in the model, currently just supports one pool. I've not tested multiple datastores of ceph type yet though, but I seem to recall there being some niggles    12:32
jyluke    joelio: thanks for the advice, we will try some of the ideas out and let you know, our team is definately interested in different pools, sort of having a premium pool with premium disks for premium users and so on    12:35
loicd    leseb: the discussion i refer to    12:35
loicd    regarding LFS & rgw    12:35
leseb    loicd: thanks :)    12:35
wido    12:36
ircolle1    wido - how's your Japanese? Ceph on Cloudstack getting a lot of buzz in Japan lately.    12:36
mikedawson    wido: I am using qemu 1.52 and libvirt 1.0.6    12:37
rturk    ** Session “Teuthology” starting now! || pad:    12:37
rturk    ** Please tell rturk or scuttlemonkey if you want to join the hangout    12:37
*** dpippenger has quit IRC    12:37
wido    ircolle1: pretty bad, as in: none    12:38
wido    mikedawson: Ah, cool. From the Ubuntu archive?    12:38
joshd    joelio: jyluke: since grizzly you can have multiple volume backends and different volume types, which could use different rbd pools    12:39
mikedawson    wido: no, we're on Raring, so we installed via ppa:jacob/virtualisation    12:39
sjustlaptop    I can drop if we need another slot    12:39
wido    mikedawson: Ah, ok. I try to stick with Precise    12:39
wido    backport the raring kernel and use the Cloud Archive repo    12:39
jyluke    joshd: can i assume to use havana now?    12:40
jyluke    joshd: i am on stock precise    12:40
*** sjustlaptop has quit IRC    12:41
joshd    jyluke: yes, it'll work in havana too. basically each backend has its own section in cinder.conf - leseb has a nice blog about it    12:41
*** sjustlaptop has joined #ceph-summit    12:42
*** dpippenger has joined #ceph-summit    12:42
jyluke    joshd: thanks.    12:46
nhm    I came into the teuthology conversation late... SLURM!    12:46
* nhm runs    12:46
scuttlemonkey    nhm:    12:48
yehudasa    sagewk: you'll still want to have priorities, even as a single user, e.g., if you have tests running continuously and you want to get a single test running immediately    12:48
nhm    scuttlemonkey: close!    12:48
scuttlemonkey    hah    12:49
scuttlemonkey    I like mine better :P    12:49
nhm    scuttlemonkey: indeed    12:49
nhm    Whatever we do with teuthology, the simpler the better.  I spend too much time right now trying to debug why something is broken. :(    12:51
alfredodeza    I would really like it to be a web service    12:52
alfredodeza    with an optional CLI that can talk to the HTTP API    12:52
alfredodeza    best of both worlds    12:53
alfredodeza    but, no ssh-keys, no '~/.teuthology' etc...    12:53
nhm    alfredodeza: So long as it's not SOAP I might be willing to get on board. ;)    12:53
alfredodeza    SOAP!    12:53
* alfredodeza runs    12:53
nhm    alfredodeza: I actually really like pdsh for this kind of thing    12:53
nhm    alfredodeza: I had a really really bad experience with folks that were very into semantic web interfaces and soured on the whole thing.    12:54
alfredodeza    better visibility, history of previous runs, see what machines are available/unavailable, etc...    12:54
*** leseb has quit IRC    12:54
*** leseb has joined #ceph-summit    12:55
alfredodeza    nhm: I see it as a couple of things: one is an API where you can interact with it (for tools like a CLI) and as a UI to interact with it through the web    12:55
alfredodeza    nhm: we should chat :)    12:56
nhm    alfredodeza: definitely has some advantages, especially if it can be done right.    12:56
alfredodeza    getting it right sounds to me like an iterative process :D    12:57
nhm    alfredodeza: That's usually the better way to go!    12:57
*** sjustlaptop has quit IRC    12:57
alfredodeza    e.g. "here is v0.0.1, try it out and give me some feedback to get 0.0.2 out immediately"    12:57
dmick    date quickly, marry slow :)    12:57
alfredodeza    lol    12:58
*** jyluke has quit IRC    12:58
*** sjustlaptop has joined #ceph-summit    12:58
nhm    alfredodeza: here's what I use for a lot of my testing now.  It's not really designed great (I tend to way overuse singletons), but it's easy and mostly doesn't break. :)    12:58
nhm    doh, wrong url    12:58
nhm    12:58
nhm    alfredodeza: heart of it is the pdsh wrapper in    12:59
* alfredodeza looks    12:59
loicd    :-)    12:59
alfredodeza    very nice    13:00
nhm    alfredodeza: was very much geared for low external dependencies and easy cluster creation.  With ceph-deploy a lot of this is probably obsolete or becoming obsolete.    13:00
alfredodeza    sure    13:00
alfredodeza    but the fact that this exists asserts we could totally leverage an HTTP service    13:00
*** dstroppa has left #ceph-summit    13:00
nhm    alfredodeza: so part of my job at some point will be to move some of this into teuthology in a sane way.    13:01
rturk    Great summit, everyone!!!    13:02
ircolle1    some point…soon    13:02
loicd    thanks everyone, great summit :-)    13:03
rturk    Let    13:03
loicd    's    13:03
rturk    Let's do this again in three months, k?    13:03
nhm    ircolle1: :)    13:03
loicd    :-D    13:03
loicd    +1    13:03
scuttlemonkey    second verse, same as the first!    13:03
rturk    did the two-day format work?    13:03
loicd    yes    13:03
scuttlemonkey    rturk: might be useful to send out a survey link    13:03
rturk    scuttlemonkey: yeah    13:03
scuttlemonkey    complete with cheese at the end    13:04
rturk    my thoughts exactly    13:04
dmick    \o/    13:04
rturk    survey form -> t-shirt    13:04
scuttlemonkey    ok, time to grab some food    13:04
rturk    enjoy    13:04
scuttlemonkey    thanks again everyone, another wicked-product summit    13:04
rturk    I'm going to go lie down    13:04
rturk    <- still sick    13:04
* loicd likes t-shirts, still wearing oscon t-shirts ;-)    13:04
*** sjustlaptop has quit IRC    13:06
*** rturk is now known as rturk-away    13:06
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