CDM 02-AUG-2017

- [john] recent usability work (and dashboard) show and tell
- [sage] balancer mgr module
- [sage] auto-tuning pg_num (via pg_num and pgp_num)
- [Rolland] RGW rate limiting per user
- [Rolland] RGW fast fail requests in case osd slowness or latent
- [Xuehan] RADOS-level inter-cluster replication
- [yuan, tushar] RBD shared read-only SSD cache status update
- [myna] Array Codes in Ceph (
- [john, jan] further work on prometheus plugin

ceph_rados-level_replication.pdf - Ceph RADOS-level replication (420 KB) Xuehan Xu, 07/23/2017 03:33 AM