CAB 2016-02-26

  • Patrick McGarry, Red Hat (chair)
  • Sage Weil, Red Hat (tech committee chair)
  • Dan van der Ster, CERN (academic chair)
  • Allen Samuels, Sandisk
  • Paul von Stamwitz, Fujitsu
  • Lars Marowsky-Bree, SUSE
  • Seth Mason, Cisco

Action Items:

[Complete] Patrick: add lmb to ceph-brag repo
[Complete] Patrick: send email to Seth/Loic to connect for OpenStack testing
[discarded] Patrick: coordinate efforts around VAULT
[Complete] Patrick: set up monthly "developer standup" virtual call
Patrick: coordinate annual CDS (CephaloCon?)
Sage: complete ops draft for review
Patrick/Sage: fup w/ Li Wang @ NUDT re: large scale testing && board
[Complete] Lars: ressurrect 'data at rest encryption' thread on lists
Lars: look into inter-version tests
[complete] Dan vdS.: send sage reweight-by-utilization
[in progress] Allen: work with Loic (Sam/Sage) re: filestore testing
[Dan F.: send email to Jian/Patrick re: bridging gap w/ Chinese community
Allen: look in to testing resources

FISL [patrick] redesign

Ceph Futures Off-site [sage]
lab admin resource [sage]
openstack testing [sage]
vmware update [sage]
CephCon 2016/17 - rough quarter/month? (Looking at either May or Aug 2017, location TBD) May works, or end of August