5 Ways to Contribute to Calamari

Calamari is a fast-moving open source project and there are many ways to contribute to it. Regardless of whether you're a developer, a Ceph cluster administrator or an end-user, you too can get involved with our community, connect with others and help move the project forward.
Here are the top five ways you can contribute to Calamari.

1. Test the API and report bugs
Coding against the Calamari API and seeing unexpected results? Help improve the API by filing a bug request, or contribute to our existing test suite. If you have a Ceph cluster with hundreds or thousands of nodes, you can also benchmark API performance and tell us where things are running slow
2. Improve our docs
Calamari already has basic documentation in place, but we're always looking to enhance it and make it more useful. You can contribute to our documentation by correcting errors, contributing tutorials or writing short how-tos that describe how to accomplish specific tasks with the Calamari API. Or, you can help translate our docs into your native language so that even more people find out how awesome Calamari is!
3. Add new features
Calamari has more than 50 API endpoints for developers to play with, but there's always room for more. If you have a use case that's not covered by the existing API, consider adding a new method. Take a look at our coding guidelines and format for commit messages, then fork the repository and start coding.
4. Package Calamari for other platforms
We don't make pre-built packages of Calamari available, but we provide vagrant configurations for various distributions. By helping us maintain these configurations (and add new ones), you can get new users started with Calamari faster and also earn yourself some significant cred within the community.
5. Help with support and issue resolution
If you're an active Calamari developer, consider sharing your expertise with others in the community. Check the mailing list archives for recent discussions of commonly encountered issues, and post your answers there. You can also review open issues in our issue tracker and chat with other Calamari developers and users in the #ceph-devel channel of the Open and Free Technology Community (OFTC) IRC network.