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mgr/dashboard: Enhance layout of the config options page

Added by Lenz Grimmer over 4 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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This is a followup to PR#23230 :

When clicking on a config setting in the table, this settings details are viewed below the table:

At a quick glance, this seems to be the same information that is displayed in the table itself, but using plain variable names as keys instead of more human-readable descriptions. Also, the settings table currently looks quite crowded.

I this regard, I suggest to remove the duplicate information from the details view and to "unclutter" the table by removing some columns from the datatable and moving that additional information to the details view instead.

I particular, I suggest to remove the following columns (and display the respective values of a selected setting in the details view instead):

  • Source - I can select which source to display on top of the table already.
  • Flags, Type - not sure this is relevant enough to show it in the table.
  • Level - I can select the level on top of the table already
  • Tags - not sure what these are good for
  • Services - Also defined by the dropdown on top of the table
  • See_also - As long as I can't click on this to jump to that setting, this is probably a good candidate for the details view as well.
  • Max/Min - these columns seem to be empty by default anyway

And finally, I'd like to suggest to move the "Default" Column into third place, so it's "Name", "Current value", "Default"

settings-details.png View (127 KB) Lenz Grimmer, 08/30/2018 03:31 PM


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